Wordilicious's Stories


Alone she sat contemplating her life, Alone she unearthed no significance of her being, Alone she was battling her scuffles day and night, Alone she pondered over the shadowy spectacles, Alone she shed the tears every night, Alone she bled not as the blood grew thicker, Alone she knew she prevailed at the arch of time, Alone she felt when she craved an embrace, Alone she faced the trepidations of her life, Alone she reckoned every hope and delusions in sigh, Alone she puffed the smoke in secluded delight, Alone she felt the last breath leave her that night. .

A forlorn Fella

A lonesome man, resting abandoned, As you glimpse at him, you pity him so, But do you know the sins he perpetrated, Do you know the hearts he obliterated? Seldom such scenes, often provoked sympathies, But do you know how he led to melancholies, Assumption of an aura so piteous, We forget to see the turpitudes committed, Now he sits brooding like an empty dream, Knowing no path, no journey, no congruence it seems, Remorse walks towards him now, His immoralities have come to culmination now, The brevity of the situation is, He does not know the corollary yet! .

No Strings Attached

There hoisted a man, A puppet of destiny, Swung in tides of fate, His memories dangled with threads, He gazed at the world, Seeking for his one and only, Like the waves of the sea, Which collide when they hit the shore, He still gazed on hopeful, That one day he will find what he desires, The puppet knew not of the strings, That held him up to perceive, Because the hands that embraced him so, Steering and adoring to the core, But he kept searching beyond, Not looking up once to realize, What he wanted held him strong. .

Lost Guide!

She strode with grace, She knew what she had to face, The days were morose, The responsibilities galore, She knew the tedious routine, She now governed the show, She needed a little help it seems, They said she was the leader indeed, Now she had to be a young conqueror, But, she missed the hand which guided her now, She missed the ears which heard her troubles and how, She missed the comforting, adoring touch, She missed the wise words as such, She now became what she was to her, The mother she became , a mother she lost. .