womania neverborn's Stories

Heart above stomach

“What are you thinking? When will this peasant die?” “No.. why?” “Because we are vultures... and we survive off dead meat.” “It’s our destiny that we have to live over someone’s death. Nature made us like this. And Mother Nature only provides food for us. We never killed anyone for food.” “But we wait for their death. Drought is a feast time for us.” “We are scavengers. We clean earth. Everyone hates us not thinking even once about our feeling. Even we have our heart above stomach... unlike politicians.”.

Fishy tale

“Meena...” she heard them calling her. It was Adil, oldest member of her group. But she didn’t move from her place. Fragrance and beauty of this room was not letting her leave. Water all around... it was dream world. She was always fond of water... may be that’s why her name... Meena. But It’s dangerous here, she might be caught. It’s 3rd house they broke into this month. They were professional burglars... or whatever it means. And then, the door opened. Mrs Malhotra was standing at the door of the bathroom.... seeing Meena in her bathtub....naked. .


I was sitting on the park bench... barefoot and bare head. It has become my daily routine these days, just like cursing the world. Chemotherapy has taken a toll on my health. It took away my beautifully shaped body, my silky hair and my self confidence with each shot. I keep staring at the barren look on trees in this autumn. They looked like me... angry and alone. Then suddenly two flowers fell near me. I lift my foot to trample them... then stopped. They were actually smiling at me like saying out loud, "Spring is around the corner.".