Vikas's Stories

Pure Love

"This is definitely a Chinese technology but how did it reach here in Kerala some 400 years back?" "It was out of love, my friend, pure love." "You mean to say one Chinese man settled here after falling in love with a local woman and taught this fish catching technique to locals. Fascinating!" "No, stupid, a bunch of them stayed back for toddy and never returned after getting hooked. You should also try it once." .


He fell in love the moment he saw her hanging on the wire. He was wandering alone ever since he left the nest and parted away from his siblings. Her warm company seemed a nice change in cold nights of north India. It all changed on that faithful day, she came to him and said ‘we can’t stay together henceforth as I don’t feel safe hanging out with you.’ ‘Why.’ he didn’t understand. He tried convincing her that Anti Romeo squad is only for humans not us. ‘Still. Why take risk.’ She said and flew away .

Job satisfaction

When trawlers owned by big corporations started competing with traditional boats, Vasu knew that fishing was a dying business and soon he would need to find alternative source of income. With big companies came bigger competition and people started to disappear. Now, Vasu was earning big money regularly by dumping bodies into the sea. "All my life I came here to catch you to feed these animals, but now as I come here for feeding this these animals to you, I am more happy. Enjoy your meal my sea friends." He looked at the sea once and started his new assignment..

Sweet Dreams

The palace was blazing in festival lights, all arrangements were in place to celebrate the crowning of the new Prince. Dancers and singers from across the globe were invited to perform before the gathered crowd from all princely states of India. The reigning queen placed the crown on the head of the handsome Prince and guided him to the throne. "Rahul baba, get up. It's 10 am already. The Assembly session is going to start from today.".

Parallel Worlds

150 BC “There is this fruit found in deep forest which can heal her.” Mithilesh was excited to hear this. He knew if he succeeds, he will get princess’s hand in marriage. “I’ll return with fruit or else won’t return ever,” he said to himself and left the room. 2016 “Please try to earn enough to buy few bananas at least.” Mithilesh was depressed to hear this. He knew he if fails, his family will have to sleep with empty stomachs. “I’ll return with fruit or else won’t return ever,” he said to himself and left the room. .