Vikas's Stories


“Are you sure you did it right?” “No Saurav, I don’t know how to pee on a stick,” said Shreya in an agitated voice. “Then why is it taking so long? Let’s check it again.” “It’s positive!” Shreya exclaimed. “I’ll talk to our Doctor tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s a Boy this time or else I will have pay for third abortion. My Parents should have asked yours to take care of all abortions in addition to your first delivery while doing dowry negotiations. Stupid People!” .

Slaughter House

“She is our target, We can boost this heifer easily. With those blue eyes and healthy skin, she will fetch us good price.” “But, this is very risky business nowadays. Killing a cow is punishable with death penalty plus there is always danger of getting lynched by fanatic mob.” “Who said anything about the cow? Do I look fool to offend gods? I am talking about the Girl.” “Then it’s OK, I thought you lost it there for a while.” .


It was 2.30 pm and Aniket was wandering the streets with his Bio-Data in his hand. His first interview was a disaster and had another one lined up late in the afternoon. He checked his pockets, “Gosh, just 5 Rupees. Can’t even have a Vada Pav with this.” He stopped at tea vendor and ordered a cutting tea instead. “Here you go.” Said the vendor. “That’s 6 Rupees a cup from today.” “Keep it there. Let me buy a water bottle from next shop and come back.” Said Aniket and left the stall in haste. .

Angel from hell

Janardan was smoking his first cigarette of the day. He was longing to light another one but that would have finished half of his daily cigarette quota. Suddenly, he noticed Kishor, his childhood friend staring from behind. “You can finish your daily quota but after that I am taking you with me.” Janardan threw the cigarette away in despair. “You are staying with me forever”, he said while looking at remaining three cigarettes in his pocket. "You are my ticket to life." Kishor had died of lung cancer just a week ago. .

Shame of Thrones

“I am never going to wear my necklace again in my life. It’s very difficult to cope with all the creepy stares, dirty comments and unwanted physical contacts from the commoners of this kingdom on street. This way I feel safe to roam around in this City.” Mellissa said with utter annoyance in her voice to Melisandre. “Yes, I agree. This is much better. But you know what, on my way here one pervert made pass at me anyways.” Both red priestesses then shifted their conversation to gentler topic of fire magic..


As Nimesh stood watching the toddler play gleefully in the clear white sand, he thought he might just raise her himself. He was already feeling like dedicated father while looking at the little girl play with his watchful eyes and completely lost track of time. But as the sun started to set, his usual craving for some intoxication started kicking in. “Screw this, 50,000 rupees for ragpicker’s daughter is good enough for months supply of hashish.” He said to himself and picked up the girl. .

Independence Day!!!!

His Mom came in with a surprise look on her face. "Your Door is unlocked for a change." "I am bored Ma." He replied with a guilty smile on his face. He took off from his room and headed to the basement for no particular reason. There he saw his once beloved bicycle lying in one corner. He took it out for a ride. As he rode his bike through countryside, he felt like his entire body is rejuvenated by the cool evening breeze. 'Thank You Government for PornBan" He screamed, He now had his old boyish smile back..