Vijay's Stories

A Walk to Remember

“You need to change. All of you. You are so wrong!” He walked out in a fit of rage. He felt nobody understood him. Minutes turned to hours, hours to days. He kept walking. He stopped only to grab a bite and rest. In his struggles, he lost his slippers, phone and money. As he lost his possessions, he gained his mind. “Nobody is wrong,” his inner voice finally spoke. “They too have their opinion. We need to accept each other as we are.” “That’s it.” He decided to return home. He had changed..

Embarrassment to Mankind

“That’s creative! How did you get this idea?” “Not creative at all. I am calling it an embarrassment to mankind.” “What? No! Why would you say that?” “You see that child’s shadow? It is real, and it is dead for decades now.” “But...” “I clicked that in Japan. You must have heard about Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings during WWII? Everything, including humans, vaporised in an instant. However, the shadows were left behind due to thermal radiation. A grim reminder of how barbaric humans are capable of becoming.”.


She: "This is our fate. Promise me you will stay happy." He: "But... It will work out. We can try. I can't live without you. How will I even know if you are okay?" She: "Please stop crying. My train leaves tonight. Come on now, smile." Years later, standing on the same footbridge, as he recalls their last meeting, his phone beeps. "260315 is your Facebook password reset code or reset your password here:" "She's missing me!" he smiles..

If Only

A premonition of death. A flashback of life. Uncountable riches. A pretty better half. The largest mansion in the city. Costliest cars. Unimaginable power. Hundreds of people working for him. People's respect. He had it all. But, did he? He wished he could replace his achievements with successes. Happiness. A loving better half. A family to live with. Freedom to go unnoticed. Friends. People's love. He let out a deep sigh. "What's bothering you, dadaji?" "Nothing beta. I feel better now." With moist eyes, he said to himself, "It's the chances I did not take.".

Second Life

“Hey, Kabir! How are you now?” “The headache still troubles me.” “In a few days, you will start liking it.” “Liking? Headache? Why do I have to suffer, while you have all the fun driving this minivan around?” “I was born with this minivan last year.” “You sound funny. You were ‘born’ with…..?” Kabir paused as realization dawned. “You were born with the minivan. I was born with the headache. So… we…. shall…. forever… remain stuck... with… it.” “Don’t worry. There’s no pain here. Death treats you way better than Life. Matter of time.” .

The Morning After

Saturday, 11 am. “Get up! It’s almost afternoon.” I want to sleep a little more. I feel so tired like I fought a war yesterday. War, yes, and I won it. Finished reading a book last night. Thrillers! They spoil my reading targets. With no new books in my collection, what am I going to do this weekend? Tea by the bedside, I make an effort to get up. The last read is there too. Just then, the bell rings. Oh! Delivery guy? New books! I spring up, full of energy. There is purpose now..