Tanvi Nagwekar's Stories

What's the catch?

“How did you get this one?” asked the reporter. “We had to sail through rough tides for it. Battling heavy rains and bad weather,” the fishermen explained. They were happy they had got hold of that fish. It was a rare catch. And it would earn them loads. “So how do you think you could get this catch in such bad weather?” the reporter probed again. She wasn’t satisfied with their previous answer. “We don’t know… maybe the mermaids helped us.” The fishermen sounded serious about it. The reporter wasn’t sure if she should report on the mermaids. .

Last one

"Can you make smoke rings, grandpa?" the eight year old asked. Her grandfather was busy enjoying his fag though. "No. I am not smoking for your amusement child." "Then why do you smoke?" He couldn't answer her. Cause he didn't know how to explain addiction to an eight year old. It was too late to give up. The cancer had spread. "Maybe this is my last smoke.".



Mumbai A six month old girl goes missing. “He loved her a lot. He would always take her to the beach. Please don’t blame him for this.” “You didn’t find this suspicious, taking her to the beach?” “Why would I? She was his daughter.” An unknown place A six month old baby found on a beach. Reports say that she has floated her way to this place. Locals believe she is an incarnation. Recollecting events from his past life, Karan now knew what it felt like to be a girl. .

A Vicious Cycle

What happened to her? She was fearless, she was a fighter Why did puberty change her? Why did it steal her smile? Left her with the pain of dealing with mood swings Every once in a while Why did it change her? She was unabashed before Now she dreads the gore Can she never be agile? Can she never play? Fearful of that a red blot May stain her today? Why did puberty strike her? Strike her so bad She forgot to be proud of being a girl She forgot how it felt to be glad .


“…..Will you come?” “Sure.” They would be meeting after 45 years. Their last conversation had ended with her saying ‘I am sorry. I can’t.’ They wrote to each other. But seldom. One morning his telephone rang, “Hello?” “He passed away this morning.” A familiar voice answered. Though it sounded brittle. “Jay said he won’t be able to come down.” She continued. “You are the closest I have to family. Will you come?” “Sure”, he said. He had promised to be there for her always. ‘After all these years.’ ‘Always.’ .

The Lost Hero

The tattered clothes on my body still give me the strength. I don't beg. I was a businessman once. Lost it all. Life is a gamble. We are all gamblers. The only thing I hold from my past is the pair of shoes. I can't get rid of them. They bring me the comfort, which not even this thick shawl can bring. I didn't realize when people said, "stay grounded even if you achieve great success." Now I know what they meant. These shoes keep me grounded. Not all my peers are privileged to own a pair of shoes..


“Did you see her? Rama asked. “Who?” Gopal was busy painting the eyes of the Ganesh idol. “That woman.” “No.” Same time last year he’d seen her for the first time. She passed him, walking into the next lane, like she knew this place well. They said in the nearby village that a lady, worshipper of Lord Ganesh was killed by her land lord. Some say she used to paint the idols. The land lord died last year during the Ganesh procession. Stampede to death. Maybe this year she’d come to avenge the others. Some powers are Godly. .