Sumaiya Hossain Lia's Stories

Imagination 101

"Imagine we are not on our honeymoon, we are Jack and Rose, and both of us were saved from the Titanic," said Nihal. Nitu laughed hard and said, "You have taken your imagination to another level!" Nihal said, “Come on, I love you more than Jack, okay my Rose?" Nitu looked into his eyes that were telling the truth. Nihal held Nitu's hand and ran to the seashore. "What's this?" Nitu said. "Wait," Nihal said and opened the bottle. "THERE’S A MESSAGE!" they screamed! They started to read. “Help! we are stuck on an Island. From Jack and Rose.”.

Dark Sky

Binod is putting that sack inside the boat. He is in a hurry right now as the sky is getting darker. “You are free,” he mumbled on his own. He simply got out from the boat and lit a cigarette with those hands with blood marks. He said again, “You wouldn’t be mine so you are not anyone’s!” He started to laugh. “I disturbed you? I was the one who wanted to marry you! YOU ARE FREE, MAYA!” Binod rubbed his foot over the cigarette. The eve teaser’s smoke slowly went up to the dark sky and blended in..