srujana adhikari's Stories

At Peace

The whole building could hear what he was saying; rather, the whole building could hear his death threats, scoldings and insults. But Ruchita just carried on, checking if the water in the tub was warm enough, if the petals were giving the proper fragrance. She slowly slid her dress off and stepped into the tub. The warm water hurt her wounds but she was at peace. .


“There she is, run catch her before she gets away” “that's not her sir, that lady seems to be having only one leg” “that is her, she is pretending to be one-legged, run after her” “where did she go and where are we, was I dreaming? “ “think it was just a mirage sir, we seem to be lost and none of the instruments are working” .


She was staring at the path, the path which she thought was freedom. All her life she lived in this forest, she knew every part of it but she longed to see what lay further down the stone path. She had been warned about the terrors lying outside her pretty world but she never believed. She took a look at path that lay in front and a look at the forest and ran to her so called freedom. .

Man of not her dreams

He is standing at the edge of boat looking at the sea. His black eyes shinning looking beyond the horizon. How i wish I had known before, of how I felt about him and not rejected him. How i wish, he hadn't found another girl. Its fate he moved on and I am here now, helping him to get married to his love..

New game

Two boys came running to see the new game brought by the school. Everyone they knew was talking about it, saying how it was a minds game. They looked at the pawns. They didn't understand it, there were 4 pieces which looked like horse, 4 more pretty, in the middle of each side. They shouted at it move, run, abra cadabra, start, play . Whatever they said the pieces didn't move. They stared at it for few more minutes and decided computer games are more fun..


She watched him go. When they married, every single person she knew was against it. They all doubted his return, she never had doubts, she knew her love will make him come back. But now her mind was not agreeing, she felt like crying. He had said her crying made him weak and she didn't want him to be weak, not now, when the world needed him. She smiled, bid him goodbye. Few months later, his body was lying on the floor wrapped in cloth. With a heavy heart she smiled as she knew crying would make him weak..

The frame

Nitin wakes up feeling irritated. Shouts at his wife for sprinkling water on his face, it's not even 9am. With drowsy eyes he scans the room, there is no-one. Suddenly he realizes he is alone in a hotel room. He looks up nothing there, looks at window which is facing a wall, nothing again. His attention draws to painting on wall. A kid is playing with his father splashing water which falls on him again. Smiling, Nitin touches the painting which pulls him inside. .

Being ready

She knew it was late, even though she had won the volleyball tournament, now what was waiting for her was her life tournament. With her school dress still on she went running to her home hoping they wouldn't have come. She was about to enter when she saw extra footwear, they were early. She slowly went to back door and changed to saree and got ready . She knew everything will be lost after this day. She was ready now to meet the guy for an arranged marriage. .

Last Puff..

Mohan was taking final puff from the cigar. This concert would be his big break and he has to control his tears. He would be singing one of the songs which she had loved. He hears his name being called, throws the cigar on floor and runs to stage. He starts singing trying his best to be calm, failing miserably. He sees her face in the last row smiling, encouraging him. He closes his eyes and wishes her to be alive..


Photographer (smiling sheepishly): Why are you laughing sir? Me: I am laughing at you. Photographer: At me? But why? Me (laughs): The picture you are taking, thinking it is a girl, is actually a guy without his shirt. ..

Faithful disciple

Coach San looks on his students and wonders whom to send for the great match. He sees a notorious student Rov, whom he cared less make a perfect leap in the field. He doubts whether Rov is taking another class. He decides to ask him upfront. San sees Rov leaving, stops him and asks him about the leap. Rov smiles and says I have seen all your previous matches coach and that's where I learnt this too..

Work is Worship

Tau came running to Rivu. Rivu without looking up "What's the rush tau careful" Tau catching his breath said "Your wife is delivering". Rivu smiled, didn't look up. Few minutes passed, Tau repeated same sentence with higher pitch. Rivu smiled again and said "I heard you the first time, need not repeat". Tau confused "but Rivu, you need to come" Rivu replied "I know but completing this is even more important, if I don't complete, my whole morning effort is waste. So Tau you carry on, I will come".