Shubham Junnarkar's Stories

Abdul's paapi pet knew no religion

He sold the locket of AUM in the morning....... He sold Crucifix at night.... He greeted "God bless you" in the morning....... He chanted "Jai Shree Ram" at night. A single religion was not enough to feed his entire family. He knew no religion. Actually........ Why should he ? If the creator himself did not differentiate people on the basis of religion, who was he to do so. He believed in his deeds, so he never had to wear all this. May Jesus bless him.. May Allah fulfil all his Dua's... May God give him Aashirvaad !!.

Divided by Ghunghats, United by Culture

They didn't look very rich... neither did they look poor. And somehow, they managed to raise their ghunghat and give a smile. On one side was a woman privileged enough to live her life and chase her dreams. On the other side there were women, trapped inside the ghunghat, preserving their culture and values. All women had their heads covered, but one of them covered it to prevent sunlight, while others covered it because they had no other option..