Shruti Rao's Stories


Vishnu typed the last few lines of the code in his laptop and hit 'return'. He took 'THE CAR' outside the laboratory arena. After 15 years of extensive research and continuous efforts, the day had come for LIVE experimentation. It was not just a dream for him, it was his long lived ambition. For, he had created an artificially intelligent toy robot that could recognize faces, navigate new environments and even mimic emotions to change the future of ROBOTICS..

An Instance of Stolen Tranquility

Each day was a new struggle for survival. She had to work hard to earn her livelihood by selling woollen crafts at city markets. Singing was her passion. As a keti (baby girl), she used to sing many songs. However, she could not enjoy this later as singing in public was forbidden for a tarooni (married woman) as per their community tradition. But Kamla had found an escape. Every evening, amongst the enticing beauty of these snow-clad mountains, she would hum her favourite songs while weaving. Those few moments of eternal peace were her only stimulant to face the next day..

The Piscator

"How do you deal with this stinky, foul smell constantly around you?" I asked one of the fishermen, agitated by the environment and the dry and humid weather at an interview at Kasimedu on a Sunday. The reply that I got back was very astonishing. "When the survival of you and your family is intrinsically tied to the natural world, survival and tolerance is a lifeline you grasp with both hands." Absolutely amazed, I captured them in the lens and left the expanse..