shruti gupta's Stories

Reel and Real

Perfect date!! He was sitting beside her and the two were watching the tale of love. In her mind she thought, does it really exist? How can the situation be so perfect, rain, love and a kiss? He held her hand tightly, lost in her more than the movie. Leaned towards her, kissed her and said: “Yes it does happen". Smiling she said, the situation might not be perfect but our love is!!! I might not be your first choice but you have turned the reel to real for me. .

This isn't it

Why it so happens that the known path brings the unknown to us. This is what I had chosen for myself…no one forced me for this. Thousands of such questions revolved around his head while he looked blankly at the road ahead. It was his idea to travel, just to travel. But he was lost in the search, the search of the unknown. Thinking, rethinking, moving in a loop, to return or to not. With the stick by his side, he decided to stick to the idea, this isn’t it... the journey continues. .

A Decision

A solo traveler, a free bird, there are many words to describe her. She was there watching the beautiful sunset while the wind played with her hairs. This was the moment that she decided to live alone, free from worldly bounds and to have more beautiful evenings. Little did she know that there was another pair of eyes, those which saw his past in her. To them the same tree looks shredded; the sunset took all the colors away. A decision that he took and now she took. Same decision but different emotions..