sarasumi's Stories


I couldn't look away. It was the third day. And the body would surface today. So said folk wisdom. I hoped it wouldn't. I hoped it had been washed away into the deep, unforgiving sea. I hope the sea was as unforgiving as me as I slit Rohan's throat. I could forgive him everything but the betrayal. I loved him so. The other man was making me uncomfortable. Why was he standing there? I wish he would go away. I watched as he waded into the water. And then, he turned and looked at me, with Rohan's unforgiving eyes..


No amount of hurrying would help, thought Alok, as he clutched his brother tight. Amar was going as fast as he dared in the rain. All he knew was that his beloved Ma had met with an accident and he just had to see her. "Bhaiya, I think Ma would want you to go slower," said Alok, his tears mingling with the raindrops. At the hospital, Alok was glad his brother had not listened to him. He got to kiss his Ma goodbye..

Death, be kind

She hugged the fidgety calf tight. Though the boy had seemed nice when he asked if he could take her picture, his two friends made her squirm. Now the boy was coming closer. She could feel the others moving in too. She froze. The tiger was old, half-crazed by hunger. The calf would make a great meal but he knew the humans would mind. The smallest human would be the easiest prey. And he wanted to get her before the three other predators did. He roared as he leapt. He saw the bigger humans scatter. Today, he would eat..


The glass of tea sat between them, misting up the air with its hot, spicy-sweet vapours. She wanted to tell him that leaving was not the option, that she loved him, that life would be miserable without him. He wanted to tell her that he would stay if only she would ask. He looked at the beggar sitting nearby and offered him the chai. “So then. Have a safe trip. Be in touch,” she said. He smiled and they hugged. An embrace that brought them closer to each other, and yet widened the gulf between them. .