Sanyam Jain's Stories

The Holy River

They had never seen a monster like this before. The one who came from within and destroyed the entire village. The half human-half dolphin looked enormous. Some said there were two of them while some believed it was just a dolphin. All said and done, the preachers said it was a new avatar of Lord Shiva and suddenly, the waters became the new Ganga..


He was content. All the noise and struggle was left behind in the city. This is what he enjoyed the most. Family, Farming and Home. Five years in the city, living with 10 other men and eating one meal a day had aged him by three times. He smiled as he walked through the field, revisiting countless childhood memories. This was Home..

Debt recovered!

With earphones plugged in Vikas was lost in his own thoughts. He was thinking how scared he was to jump in to the crowded train and how excited he was to be at Marine Drive and how awkward he felt when he saw couples holding hands. "I love this city and owe a lot to it," he said to himself and got off the train just to realize that he had been pick pocketed. .


He would smell her, slowly touch her skin and feel her inside out. Next would be rolling her in his palms and squeezing her tight. She would make him feel powerful, burning her would make him feel powerful. With her around he was a winner. People frowned upon their relationship but for him, she would take all his pain away. She was indeed his first love..

Hide and seek

1...2..3..4...5... (Rapidly) Viral counted as everyone started hiding behind the cars,walls and trees. Suddenly the peon dumped a pile of files on his table to break his chain of thoughts.Guess the only games left to play these days were mind games..