Rohan Mukherjee's Stories


"You won't have to deal with this alone. This is both of our problem now." "When did we decide that it's a problem?" "Oh. Then this conversation is.".

Rat Race?

"Look at them. They all think that they're unique. Yet, just rats in the race." "What race? 5 of them are off to Pune for a colleague's wedding. The aged guy is thinking of the closest Iyengar bakery to carry home some dilpasand for his granddaughter, 3 of them are street musicians on their way to a recording studio, and the guy in the center, hand covering his face? He still can't believe that he won the two movie tickets from that radio contest!" The race is in your mind. And rats, nowhere. .

Playing With Food

Everyday, just before sunset, little Tanvi took Billy for a walk, let him gorge on the dewy pastures, and frolicked together like they owed nothing to the world. Billy had a lot going for him. After marinading overnight, he went excellently with parantha. .

One Frame Stories (Behind the scenes)

"Hey quick! We need a picture for this week's OFS!" "Oh shucks. What do we want the theme to be?" "I don't know. Something. Simple. Profound. You're the one with the camera." "The same thing as last week then?" "Warm beverage it is." .


What happened? He left things on a sour note. Spat out words? Spat out the soda. .


I know what you're thinking. Why am I chilling with this man who smokes his cigarette in a weird way? Really. It bugs me as well. Every. Single. Time. Truth be told, he has his reasons - he says that his lips don't blacken up, and that he gets a better hit. Oh his lungs? That's black, of course. But tell me one thing sir, who is kissing him there to begin with? .

Die hard. Old habits.

"You and I. We dance tonight." .

The Jerk Spirit

"Listen. I'll be all eerie and creepy and make strange sounds for you - record everything, okay?", whispered the Forest Spirit. "No. I'm a journalist with integrity. I don't care for click-baits!" "Well then sweetpea. I'll just have to kill you.".

Liberty Dhaba

"Brother, can you please make the next one a little stronger. Had a tough day." Just as the scrawny worn-out hand reached for the glass, I chuckled and coughed half way. "No, no. Not the tea!" "Oh" He holds back, eyes twinkling "The good stuff.".