Rohan Mukherjee's Stories


Diagrams exist for both the sides, so do images and manuscripts. It is what we choose to believe that becomes our truth. The opinion that we favor that defines us. It is only the motivation to prove the opposition wrong that drives us to defend our beliefs. Fundamentally it is all moot. Your choices hold the key to your reality. Amen. Or not..


She sat there facing the sea. It wasn't sunrise, and it wasn't sunset. But she sat there posing for a grayscale image because she was rebellious like that. The crow landed next to her. Took a little poop. She wasn't bothered. She had already taken a massive dump. Plus, she loved nature. And was a Jain. So that helped..

Krishna's Friends

"Where did Krishna go? What's taking so long?" "He's gone to fetch the ball." "Yeah. He's probably climbing on that imaginary giant snake's head again." "Last time we were so high, bruh. He decided to dance while hallucinating about a multi-headed snake." "Holy! What!" "Dude that Krishna is batshit crazy." "Yeah man. Apparently he's dating his cousin and what not." "Sssh. Quiet. He's here. He's doing that finger spinning thing again!" .