Roda Noshir Davar's Stories

Or else

After meeting Ruhi's parents, she offered to take Rahul for a stroll down the street. The tapri owner Satyen Kaka was overjoyed to see Ruhi and kept a glass of Cutting Chai and some berries on the table. Rahul lit a cigarette and was enjoying it accompanied by Ruhi's chirping. Just then, Ruhi's father too came to the tapri. Guiltily Rahul dropped the cigarette on the table. The Ex-Police Officer looked angry. Rahul humbly apologised and explained that he was trying to kick the habit. Ruhi's father warned him that he had to quit smoking before marriage! Or else?.

GEMS by the sea.

Pari and Niddhi were friends since school days. They remained so even after marriage. They met every evening at Worli Sea face and shared their joys and sorrows. The sea soothed them always. It was stormy today, the sea as well as their hearts. Niddhi observed that Pari was in tears. She opened the umbrella. Pari told her about her daughter's illness, her husband's refusal to spend on her treatment. Niddhi offered to help her. She could pay her whenever convenient. A ray of hope glimmered on the horizon through the dark clouds. True friends are truly rare..


Sonya and Aashish were classmates and compatible friends too. At the Campus, Aashish got a job with an MNC. Sonya won a two-year scholarship in the States. She had returned on a brief break. It was Dhuleti today. She saw from her window, everyone was playing Holi. "Come Down Soni", called her friends. Suddenly, she was smeared with colours, an unidentified feeling gushed through her. She turned and there stood Aashish - her Closest Pal. Today, she enjoyed Holi without any inhibitions. Aashish asked her for dinner. She agreed. She looked forward to renewing their friendship and something more..


Ranjeet and Shekhar loved to play chess after helping their father at their Tea Stall. They dreamt of becoming Grandmasters like Anand Vishwanathan but it was just a dream. With hard work, Ranjeet became prosperous. He went to bring his father and his brother to stay with him. When he saw both of them slogging away at the teastall, he had tears in his eyes. "Baba, enough is enough. You both are coming with me." "Beta,what will I do in the city? Let us stay here and do what we like best." Disappointed, Ranjeet left..


Neeta was late and when she entered the station, it was totally deserted. There was not a single soul. She was scared. A stalker was stalking her for many days. She decided to cross over to the other side. She looked up and down the railway lines. Her heart skipped a beat. There he was coming towards her. She stood transfixed. She remembered the Pepper Spray. She would use it and then dial Police Helpline. She will not allow anybody to intimidate her. She was prepared. Her hand was ready inside her bag holding the Spray Can!.


Ram and Hari had passed from an Engineering College and used their knowledge on their farm. They sowed a new hybrid variety of wheat and had a bumper crop. It was a pleasure to see the wheat glowing in the sun. Just as they were to harvest the crop, Ram was killed in an accident. Hari was heartbroken. He brooded on how to keep Ram's memory alive. He got a statue of Ram erected in the field under a shady tree. Ram would keep a WATCH on him and their field forever. "You shall always be remembered Ramu"..


Mukundi's village was on the edge of the desert...frequented by duststorms - the bane of his life. As he purchased Tarkari and chatted at the Tapri with friends, he felt the monster approaching. He mounted his bicycle waving 'Ram Ram' to all. The eerie glow of sun would soon disappear. It was on one such fateful evening - he had lost his Laali to Flu as he couldn't reach home in time to take her to Dawakhana. Caught in storm, sand had crept into his eyes, ears and nostrils. He peddled faster to beat the devil who was after him..


They had been childhood sweethearts, married in their twenties. Loving children were settled abroad, now only two of them in their abode.There were ups and downs in their life but were overcome with love and understanding. However, lately a dark cloud was hovering over horizon. Rowan was forgetting things. Sometimes he was quite normal. Rinil hoped that with treatment he'd be okay. Surprisingly, he remembered Valentine's Day and wished her with a resounding kiss. As they lip-locked, a heavenly HALO hovered over their heads, a heart between their necks. A good omen - Things will get back to normal. .


Arjuna watched Tara gathering seashells on the beach. She had been very sick. Doctors had advised a holiday by the sea. She loved the hot sun, so ignored the crude shed. The bracing air was doing wonders for her, she was better and cheerful. Her laughter wafted across the shimmering water. Suddenly she looked up and asked, "Papa!! will you make a necklace of these shells for me?" Arjuna nodded smilingly. Anything for his princess!! The joy....a daughter can give! Could people be so cruel as to end a life because it was a girl?.


Tomorrow is a big day for Sunaina. She was too excited to sleep. She had worked hard, practiced day and night to be part of National Volley Ball Team. She knew the opponents were good. She had to play for the glory of her Team. She ran out to the court in sheer happiness and danced around it. Coach sir called her his Star Player. She would be the star of India. Seeing her elation, sir warned her about winning / losing being part of the game. But nothing would dampen her spirit. She will strive to win..


While working on the farm he could see the road passing through the forest. It seemed to beckon him but was afraid to venture out. At least he got two meals a day and a pittance at the end of the day. One day he just packed his Jhola and left. He had faith that God had something better for him in store at the other end of the road. He walked dejectedly and suddenly he felt a shaft of happiness run through his body and a conviction - 'a better life awaited him'..


Bhiku sat under the shade of the tree musing on his lonely life - just like this road. Even the crowds at the Mela had not dispelled his loneliness. After his wife's death, his sons had thrown him out. He contemplated on ending his life. But No! he was not a coward. He would get back his share of sunlight. Hadn't the government passed legislation to help people like him? He'll find his way out of the gloomy shade and claim his patch of open sky..


Ganpat was not only oblivious of the heavy traffic but also of the scorching heat beating down on his head. Carrying Mangalmurti, he was engrossed in his thoughts - life was in mess and he felt helpless! Aai was sick and needed treatment immediately. Minu had to be admitted in High School. Mohan's college fees were due. Deva, please help. Reaching home, he placed the idol on Chauki. Baba handed him an envelope. The Union Strike was called off. He placed the cheque at the Lord's feet and bowed his head. His Vighnaharta had come to his rescue!.


Raju is a Seam Bowler. He lives in this bleak neighborhood with squalor and junk around. An open electrical box under a garbage-laden ledge is inviting a catastrophe. A staircase leads to a cramped 'Kholi'. He sleeps in the dingy attic. He works with his Scrap Dealer Uncle, hardly finds study time. He had landed in the City of Gold- Mumbai, agog with excitement. Malls, hustling-bustling roads, hurrying-scurrying crowd. He had seen SRK's poster and dreamt to make it big in sapno ki nagri. Reality hit him hard upon reaching home. Nevertheless, he hasn't lost Hope..

Auto Sleep

It was hot and dusty. I frantically searched for an auto. A little further, I saw this auto parked by the roadside. The driver was fast asleep. A contented smile on his face. May be he was in his dreamland or was it about his dreamgirl!? I envied his peaceful sleep. How can one be fast asleep oblivious of his discomfort and all the noise around?? I hated to disturb him. I shook him gently and asked him "Bhaiyaji chaloge?" A confused-cum-lost look, an embarrassing smile followed and he was ready to face the real life once again!.