Ranjit Tha's Stories

Honour Killing

I am a ten year old girl. I get nightmares. A lot. All blood red in colour. I scream in my sleep. My parents also screamed and fought till the last breath when the caste mob attacked and threw their mutilated bodies on the railway track. Somehow I survived. You might have read about the honour killing of a married inter-caste couple. That’s my papa and mummy. Listen, I go to school crossing the same blood-stained railway track every day. It lies so close, but parallel to my life. This is my story. And I wrote it for the class assignment ‘happy family’. .

The Touch

As he walked past the paddy field, Raju felt a human touch on his feet. He was returning from the release of his first novel on untouchable slaves. He realised, it was the place where the feudal Janmis buried his grandfather alive. He was a dissenting untouchable slave. Stories of his bravery abounded in his family. Raju could not breathe for a second. A cracked foot soaked in clay flew away from his gaze. A frozen touch crept into his conscience and he fell down. Lying half unconscious on the field, he saw his illiterate ancestors reading his novel! .

Ammu's Dream

Ammu dreamt of a tricycle. She struggled hard to describe it, but could produce only some random sounds. ‘Bbu bbu bbu…!!’. Two and half years ago, she was born into a dream. Doctors later confirmed autism. And that day when she woke up from her dream, a tricycle came looking for her. ‘Ammu, let us go out and play.’ They went to the park nearby. ‘No play, just take rest,’ someone shouted. Alas, Ammu turned into a shadow herself! She lies hidden in silence as a shadow on the wall and comes out only for the tricycle every day. .


There was a strange state of daze that lurked in summer in Kashmir. Mir’s mother was silent the whole day. She went out to the riverside and immersed herself in sewing. A prayer sulked inside her. Mir was fighting a gun battle with the forces. In the evening his bloodstained body was brought to the village. A crowd of the future gathered. She stopped sewing, picked a shining green stone from the river and went back home. She covered the stone with wool and held it in her hand firmly. A sea of cry aroused in the valley. ‘Azaadi!!’ .


‘Thomas, I want a woman…!” Thomas heard John uttering in his feeble voice. It was not an usual plea. He never expected such a demand from his mentally retarded sixty year old brother. John was born one year elder. When their parents were no more, Thomas took good care of John. “He is fine, but little slow”, he used to tell. Thomas never asked whether his brother desired a woman. And John never shared it. That evening Thomas took his brother to a brothel. While waiting outside for John, Thomas hummed a choir song; “Jesus born again…".

The Forest

She was on a spiritual trip with her family to the Dargah. He met her on the way and accompanied them. She could see lust in his eyes. When everyone was asleep, he told her, "I am mesmerized by your smell…" ‘Its Athar, my lover’s gift!’ He invited her to the nearby cemetery. ‘Take me to the deer forest...’, she hissed. They sneaked into the forest. He shook a tree and it rained on her. Suddenly, a tiger jumped on to them from nowhere. Next day, the forest guard found his dead body in the forest. It smelt Athar. .