Rakesh D's Stories


Oh poor cat, You have a fish in front of you to eat, You are so hungry to eat. But you've decided not to eat, but to love playing with that fish. No wonder, you are a fish-lover my dear cat. You have that heart not to hurt even a dead fish. You proved that kind-heart is not only for humans, but that belongs to all the creatures in the nature. .

Ever Green

This reminds me of my childhood days. The lake, the trees, blue sky and the kids playing. I remember that I used to climb such trees and have fun with all my cousins. Climbing such trees was considered an achievement. Jumping into the lake from the tree is the greatest experience. Swimming, jumping, running, laughing were the greatest moments. I don't need to go home for food, because we all fill our bellies. The title "Ever Green" is not just for the frame, but also for those days. Those were the best days of my life..