Rahul's Stories

Twenty Two

Now where should I find all the idiotic Gurezi (sheep). And why should I? For whom? For that soulless witch? Maybe she is the reason. Yes. I am sure of it. My boy. My lovely looking handsome son. The day he brought her, one could tell from her face. She would be one useless daughter-in-law. And may the monsters eat the flesh of those policemen. Animals all of them. How can my innocent boy be a terrorist? I could not even take care of him. Twenty two only he was when he came back from Sirnagar (Srinagar). .

Rippled in time

"One step at a time. That is how you get there. You'll see.", Ramanada re-emphasized his brief to Kabir. Ramananda, Kabir's guru, his master, the voice of virtue, then drew his last breath with an anxious smile. They met, centuries later, at the same ghat. Kabir, now a middle aged molecular biologist, involved in finding various ways to disprove god, was presently being cremated. Ramananda was a corpse burner at the burning ghat, working over funeral pyres. He tossed Kabir's half burnt body into the river, " You'll get there. You'll see." .