Insensitive Doctor!

Finally the last two patients were sitting outside the makeshift clinic. The doctors seem happy as they are about to finish the work for the day before time. One of the junior doctors asks his senior, "Why do they smoke?" Senior replied jokingly, "Because they want to die early, they want to get out their miserable life and be free from this world of problems." Junior doctor was stunned hearing the insensitive comment from his senior. He continues, "Don't worry, with due course of time, you will understand what I mean." .


“This way will take us inside the deep forest. Once we reach there, we will be able to trap some endangered species. We must not forget that there will be shrubs and herbs which can be sold at premium price given the inclination of people towards Ayurveda medicines. How virgin this forest is, I can’t believe. We will explore the unexplored paths in it. We will taste the pure pond water and munch 100% natural fruits.” All of sudden Anuj woke up to find himself in the train on berth no: 35 as he was travelling to MP! .

No Surety !

No one knows from the village that this young lad will ever return or not. He is going to sail to the territorial waters of the country. It is said that 9 out of 10 die deep fishing & exploring there.This man wants to make big and is ready to take risk. Hope he survives. Some of us feel that he has a lot of potential but he does not want to continue studies. He lost his family the last season in the tropical storm and now he just wants to tame the waves to take his revenge. .

Tea is better than Cigarette

I was thinking about the picture of that guy who died a week ago. I visited his house with my friends. He was not my friend but a known face though. I asked his parents about his death because of which they began to cry. While wiping his mother's face, his father said, "It is because of Cigarette, he got mouth cancer." So while sipping my tea, I realized, "Tea is better than this Cigarette" .

Finally Caught Red Handed!

"We have been looking for these two girls for ages" said Ronak. Mehul replied "Yes now we can inform their parents about their activities." Ronak "Are we doing right?" Mehul said, "Moron, we are detectives, our job is to investigate the case and inform the client so why should we care about right or wrong?" Ronak hesitatingly said, "Really? Will you not feel bad if anything happens to them" Confidently, Mehul said, Well, we can just pray for these lesbians' well being.".

Butcher's Boy !

Shewta was surprised and angry to see Tamir at her Holi Party as she had explicitly told him not to visit her on Holi. However Tamir took chance and there he was standing in front of her. Tamir’s smile was enough to overwhelm her anger and pangs. Shewta knew that some of her guests would recognize this butcher’s boy But she decided to avoid them before running to his arms. Shewta knew her parents would definitely create a scene later on but she could not care for them under the influence of Tamir’s innocent smile. .

Fight to the Finish

Fight to the finish is on but neither of the two knows who is going to be finished with this game. As per the unofficial agreement the loser will have to cross the highway blindfolded. Both are good at playing chess, being Unbeatable players from their respective villages both have yet to taste the defeat. The duration of game is going to be almost a week without more than 2 hours break during day time. The Winner will be allowed to access the water from the pond in this parched land whereas the loser will definitely die on the highway. .

Who is He ?

A man was standing between the track on which my train was to arrive. I wondered what he was upto? For a moment, I thought that he would be looking for a perfect spot to relieve himself but there was no water bottle in his hands dashed this assumption. Then I thought “he would be looking for something he had lost on the track while crossing it in a hurry." This time on serious note, I assumed “he was planning to commit suicide”. Finally, someone shouted that our track inspector inspecting the tracks. .

Straight Head!

Field is wide and clear. He is preparing for the final day. He has stood at the same point where he is planning to hang himself. He has made sure to stand with his head straight which he has kept bent ever since he took loan from that sucker financier of the village. He has selected the best view point to commit suicide. May be, because he wants to experience some ephemeral pleasure before getting stifled by the burden of debts. He has left no stone unturned to avoid dying but to no avail despite Government’s social welfare. .


X says, “He is going to work” Y says, “Another invisible worker will be reduced to ashes” X says, “Have you checked the bomb planted in his cycle” Y says,“I have checked it twice, don’t worry” X says, “Is this man really important if not we can still plant our bomb somewhere else” Y says, “Yes, Invisible Worker is very important to a country but in this country , no one cares for him” X says, “Good, Now at least He will be news for some days” Y laughs “Hahaha” .

The Final Kiss

He came in haste and grabbed my waist I quivered under his strong grip I longed for his masculine fragrance He whispered into my ear something Which pierced my heart and had to outlast every other emotion He cried and I shivered before we hugged again I clasped him close enough But he remained stout and finally vented out “We can’t be together neither now nor later, Let us part our ways forever” I embraced him and crossed the feminine limit of manner and etiquette Which led him to be my kiss mate ! .

Refugees !

He does not know we are all set to go Across the sea to the greener meadow When I look at him I am neither exhausted nor frustrated Why are the rest feel so agitated Look at the light boat Which is to be filled with deprived souls Some doctors among us with no white coats Many patients with several hopes Our life will transform and We won’t need to further roam Europe, the Africans about to throng! .

Hidden in Public Place!

A shabby man in torn and dirty clothes sitting outside this park, no one cared to ask him about his whereabouts. His soul seemed injured and his vision seemed blurred however his consistent and constant stare at the park remained the talking point of visitors. Dogs or weather around him never drew his attention as he sat in calm and careless posture with a stick kept hidden from the glare of reckless observers. His appearance invoked mysterious stories about him and his past but no one sought his confirmation. “Many like him remain hidden in public place” .

The Lost Victoria

“Now she roams across the wilderness to harness the fear which got instilled in her being after that night. She was left to struggle under the sky in unconscious state and for 6 hours no was there to help her. Now, She has learnt how not only to defend but also to attack which exhibits on those who she finds in this wildnerness . She is no more what she used to be “She is lost” , We have lost Our Victoria”, this is how Victoria’s Father ended his address in the Conference against Violence !.

Capture the TOLERANCE

Agent 11 in harsh voice "We must catch her, Isn't She "Tolerance" Agent 12 whispered "Yes but Are you sure" Agent 11 "Don't you know Her capture is very important as our Govt got identified as "Intolerant" ever since she escaped" Agent 12 "Yes, I know that but Why did she escape?" Agent 11 "She escaped because We never cared for her, never praised her and never credited govt for keeping her" Agent 12 "Will anything change after her capture?" Agent 11 "Symbolism is very important, Let us serve our Govt" .

Tree with Silver Star

“This is not some common metal star” boasted Vishu “Really?” questioned curiously Mridul Vish roared “This is the Silver Star awarded to my great grand father when he was in the British Army” Mridul then questioned, “So, your great grand father served Britishers?” Vish calmly replied “Yes, my great grand father died in 1916 on 25th December in Germany” Mridul said, “So sorry to hear that, but If you want to auction it, let me know, I will help you” Vishu responded saying “Bravery is priceless” Mridul then said, “Nothing is priceless, yes, price can be high or low”. .


As Keshav walked heavily with his beloved Ganpati statue on his head , sweat mixed with tears rolled down his cheeks constantly. His soul seemed to gasp for breath and his mind torturing his heart to blow out of the chest. He was forced to sell his beloved God for buying his son's medicine for cancer for 3 days. He waited for days before realizing that his devotion was not enough to impress Bappa who could magically produce medicine for his son. His conscious is filled with mixed feelings and many questions all directed to God..


Nutu is going out to play with Feroz while his mind was teeming with some ill-conceived and unbaked ideas as he was asked by his father to fix this old broken scooter which his father nicked from outside the Pintu Dhaba. Nutu is studying in the 8th standard and knows that it is a stolen property and that he should inform the local police about it. But his father taught him otherwise. He taught him how to steal and how not to be law abiding citizen. His father calls stealing and nicking "Khel"! .

Pyari si aur Bholi si

She began to smile as she heard her new name "ASHA" given by the couple whose embryo she has in her womb. She is smiling at the coincidence as her new name is similar to the health activist's name that encouraged her to be a surrogate mother for some money. She is also smiling at the new cheap smart phone in her son's hand who has just got relieved from the bane of manual scavenging. She is practically smiling at "ASHA" which has just come to her life. .

Caught Redhanded

Nirbhay finally got solace as he helped local traffic police catch the most notorious Auto driver 'Auto-Dada'. Auto Dada was caught red handed tampering the Government sealed meter. He had not only cheated passengers but also plundered some tourists. Nirbhay's quest for a 5 minute fame will finally finish as the local paper has promised to print his picture. .

Teetotaler Group !

A group of Friends claimed to be the "Teetotaler Group" used to spend a lot of time at this tea shop. While ruling out unbaked ideas suddenly they came up with "Teetotalism Campaign". This campaign idea attracted the attention of tea seller more than anyone else. He enthusiastically tried to discourage them but to no avail. Recently Khoju Ram, the sub-inspector of area police has been nominated for solving the 4 charred body case. The group was burnt alive by the Desi Liquor distributor gang. Now, while discussing the case the tea seller often gets sad. .

I am a man

"As always she was ready with her parents to conduct another intervention. Why do they keep targeting me?" I thought to myself. She stopped the train of my thoughts by asking "Are you going to stop or not?" I carelessly replied "I am not going to change, I am a man, your Husband, God and Master" On listening to that, her family remained mute whereas she began to cry. "I felt no guilt defending debauchery, gambling and irresponsibility because that is how this society works" I thought to myself. .

Kidnapped Kids

All of them are happy in this photo which was taken last year. As they had just won the Golden Grove Award, their smile was more than conspicuous in the picture. But today, Govt awaits the evidence, perhaps a picture of them being alive, as they got kidnapped by a ferocious group goes by the name 'Negotiators'. In this situation, it is apt to say 'Life is Unpredictable' .

Finally Hope is Dying!

My “Hope” is dying, said Umesh “Don’t talk nonsense”, murmured Kunti "She can’t die, she can’t" repeated Kunti while grounding on the floor Umesh “How are we going to tell her, that it’s terminal stage of cancer” Kunti said “No need to discuss anything with her ” “No, it is our duty to inform her what she is going to face in the coming days so that she can make peace with her fate” said Umesh Kunti cried saying “She is the only daughter of ours how can we be so insensitive to her” .

Diabolical Sparkles !

After observing this person, my mind started churning. I was reminded of my uncle who died while working for a makeshift factory of crackers. I still remember the way our family had to suffer as he was the sole breadwinner. We were forced to get exploited that too with happiness to ward off hunger & death. I still remember the sparkles that burnt him. 'What is the policy of Govt. now?' I wonder 'Has it changed or still indifferent to the plight of workers?' 'Why does no political party promise anything for these workers'? Anyone wants to answer?.

Look Look, There She Is

Look,There she is The one with special power. She can mesmerize anyone with her logic. She had helped half a dozen men of the other village with her lacy logic by convincing them to giving up drinking. She had also played a crucial role in getting some toddlers enrolled in the near by school. She remained hungry for 10 days while protesting against the land usurpation by the BDO. Her decent style of conversation mellows anyone however Her husband reprimands her in the public and beats every night. All the villagers wonder where she gets such power. .