PRASH's Stories


A bike passed by the dark hamlet. Many in the makeshift huts began to get curious as the bike went towards the Bloody Road. As it was a rainy night, highlighted by infrequent lightning and punctuated by heavy sound of clouds, no one in the hamlet was able to sleep. All the hapless downtrodden got excited in a queer way. The bike riders had no clue about the problem that they were about to encounter. One kilometre after another, the riders rushed through smoothly which broke the taboo of traveling by that road at night. .

The Jump!

"I will jump off from here tomorrow with an intention to win the competition," uttered Mahesh, to motivate himself for the Weekly Death Jump. He also tried to observe the slum in front of him while, one after another, his childhood memories emerged in front of his eyes. He seemed ready to try his luck tomorrow in the Weekly Death Jump but there was a pull from within which was almost cursing him not to try something foolish tomorrow. He was also concerned about his poor family and its condition but he just wanted to think beyond 'Jump'. .