Payal Phayde's Stories


"We asked for another hound." "He looks human. " " He is figuring us out. What do you think he thinks we are?" "Why bother, we can't fly. What's he doing hanging there in the air. He can't be human. He's a demon. " The mother came running to find his ride alone, she didn't see the darkness in the shadow. .

Conditional assessment

"They're both the same, with the? gold or without. Their value is 3+3 to the board. " "Master, understand the dynamics please, if we hold onto the offering, and let them both go we can have them when they're unprepared, victory is ours at C4#." "If I wanted to win, I'd never wait for their move, you see I want to play and watch them tremble. The game was always mine. I never lose the French opening. Now kill!".

The Better Man

For people in the coast, food is incomplete if it's vegetarian. If there's rice and dal at least a fish fry, but only if it's fish curry there's a satisfying burp. Mohan was very happy because she was coming home after three years. She had turned vegan, but he wouldn't give up for this was competition, yet he’d deny. She'll eat for her father, he knew. He had practised the line all day to the unwelcome guest, "You caught a big fish, not me." .

Crowned head

Human beings are a species, but then there are amongst them too. He believed blaming his incapabilities on the ones he loved the most. He liked the social and solitude, too moody! The withdrawal created a lot of tension. His second wife left him for a landlord and had many children. Since then he'd been living in denial. His condition allowed him to smoke, to remember faintly. It's never too late, they say, until it happens. He dug his own grave, now he only had to bury himself alive yet again..


" Why can't we write for this frame?" "It's not our area of expertise, I have no such experience and I mostly write my story." " The real or the one in your head?" "Both, sometimes I can't say which is what." "Then write about that." "But it's embarrassing, I faked it once with the guy I loved, desperate for attention. If I write that it'd mean I think too low." "I didn't think anything. You did. It's your story to tell Payal. However you weave it. People will think what they want to.".

The Disposition

I was indifferent to the class and compartments, my company usually decided. After a certain time, I came to a conclusion there were two kinds- One would ask me to board the ladies compartment quietly and the other which would seek my company and board the general with me. My mother would appear with her frying pan, "Even if you don't think so, the world still looks at you like you're a girl. When will you understand this!".

A different me

I had three layers of Odomos and still so many things bit me, I was disappointed there were no tigers, only monkeys and wild elephants. I greeted my cousins who grew up there and wondered what if my father never got the government job and my upbringing would have been here like them. Least mom would let me wear a bindi and a nose ring..

A different me

I had three layers of odomos and still so many things bit me, I was disappointed there were no tigers only monkeys and wild elephants. I greeted my cousins who grew up there and wondered what if my father never got the government job and my upbringing would have been here like them. Least mom would let me wear a bindi and a nose ring..

Are you ready?

The beginning of her happily ever after with the perfect looks, elite degree,compatible horoscope and families. She loved her parents and was extra careful to not hurt their feelings by indulging in passing affairs. She owed them that. The tea now was her first impression, it had to be perfect. Even if she knew there may be days it will be means to and end, a conflict or more. But today it is going to be his first words for her, She tasted it and wore her veil. .

Improvise, Closures and Intangibles

Can I be whole again or who I used to be? It was for me to accept that my role would always be limited. I could choose to leave or wait until, the never ending chaos I bury into falling and failing ended. And it did but I didn’t. I deserved better but he won’t give me the dignity of a goodbye either. I picked my pen to peace- Tanvi popped as an angel and whispered, “You don’t have to forget. Carry a part of the pain but not all. Enough to make you write well.” .


She cloaked herself to his shack outside his factory. The music and booze, that frenzy in the celebration only added to her rage. Those bottles killed her entire village, it only made sense as she smashed one on his head. .


"We should do more things together." "But we never do anything else together. We never do anything at all." "I heard you got the job. You're buying the next round. Can you get some the next time you come? We'll be an upgrade." "It's not hard for an old man to vanish into thin air." "Do they need more people. I do nothing all day." "I would have recommended you, but I already sent my brother on the next expedition. I am yet to receive my share." And he never came to smoke. .


He signed the NOC and couldn't wait for his discoveries. They wanted answers of what the only tribe in the country was sustaining with. As his boat approached the island, wire didn't work, the camera turned obsolete, smartphone exhausted itself magically and no back up helped. A few days later he woke up where he met the rest of the missing. An island close enough to theirs. All these alive, there's hope. Escaping now would mean death. They fortified interests. All they wanted was to be left alone. And why was that so hard for us?.

Wait Mate!

"What do you even know?" "I am the King and I conquer." "The rest of them?" "Dharma, they die for me." "A move now will materialise later. Look beyond the board " "Karma you mean, I am and you know that well." "And I thought you liked volleyball." "This is easier alone." "Why are you talking to yourself again? They have taken our queen. The war is almost over. They'll destroy everything, Barbarians! We have to run, tonight." "If only you let me finish the game, we wouldn't have to.".

The voluntary drill

Three months since the notice period, he drove down to his village, once and for all. His family had been supportive of his Voluntary Retirement. The children had settled down. He didn't miss the paperwork or the phone calls or delegation, he told himself. Not everyone believed in that. He packed a few fresh vegetables from the farm and took his cycle as he rode down the village, greeting everyone on the way to his grandmother' house. Like old times. She wouldn't be there now, of course. But the drill was pleasing..

Some Evening

"I love you," he said confidently. "Stop joking," I was stern. "You know what I do to things I love" he whispered cynically. "You leave them? No?" I concluded and broke down. He wrapped me in his arms saying things to comfort me that I don’t remember. Everyone came running, "Hey it was a dare, don't cry." I did not believe them, I did not want to. It became a group hug. Damn, why! I declared that I am fine and started walking away, stretching my hands pleading the skies-"Please save him from me, my love will consume him.".

A Gift

She was the most beautiful of all sisters yet alone. Everyone came with families. She loved the toddlers. Her younger sisters had dates too. They found someone just about time. Had she been lucky? Grandmother entered the room on her wheel chair cheerfully wishing everyone. She went up to the Christmas tree and picked the brightest star and handed it over to her favorite. “This is your Christmas present.” As she got home after the feast, she began to undress herself until a voice from behind said, “Shouldn’t you do that after getting to know me?”.


Had been long since, he made her happy. Then he left. Since then was this rampage. The picture perfect- husband, kids and a dog, playing in the lawn. All wondered, how lucky! Not everybody needs to know, right? She tried to indulge into vivid interests and lost aspirations, like it helped. Once somebody introduced her to model making. There had to be a smile, but was God happy? The neck was damaged and it was procession time. The necklace curtailed it. Hurry up. She knew how flawed perfection and perceptions were. She finally smiled and left..