Parag Wankhade's Stories

Maal Gaadi

Chugga chugga choooo! I am the engine. I am definitely the engine. The track might be too wide for me but I won't stop. I want to enjoy the view as I pace through to my destination. The steady bogie holding my bag will make sure I never get off-track. It carries the burden of my books, also my life but just for now. Once I become capable of this track, I will make sure the burden is shifted to the engine so that the bogie can also enjoy the view they always wanted after such long time..

Child's Play

"He has hit the ball out of ground!" exclaimed the fat tree. "I never thought they would be able to play here at all," it continued. After a sigh, it added, "All thanks to their parents. Even we owe them a lot. Last year's drought had almost killed us, if they wouldn't have initiated the water conservation methods. These human brains are fascinating, a little empathy and they do wonders as if child's play. Hope these kids also head in the right direction. Don't know which direction the ball has headed." "Relax it's right there!" replied the tall one..

Multi Layered Cocoon

We're born with a multilayered cocoon surrounding us. Every attribute such as gender, caste, ancestry and economic status form those layers, he thought as he was treading through his farm during the irrigation. As we run through life these layers are rattled and they shatter. The weak are shattered easily but the tough take a lot of hard work. Some are broken by the rough path we follow, some by the running water, some by the flowing wind. Alas! The process of growth is so rewarding, it wouldn't have been possible to view such colours through the layers..


He wore his favourite pink shirt today. Various tourists, customers of his, had given him some cherished memories. Still, he thought she was special. She had strongly demanded that she wanted to meet his wife, kids, his entire family. She wanted to hear his story. After completing the city tour, he brought her home. He was a bit nervous. Even after telling the stories about so many rulers' lives, he never thought of any stories of his own. As she was clicking some pictures, he thought, "I guess I contribute to this city's beauty as well.".