Novemberschild's Stories

The Black Purdah

I saw a dream walking on the red sand road. She was wearing a hijab and her image laced with a face. Life is about walks and laughter, but now she only knows shock. Her wings are held earthbound vulnerable is she and silent as the grave. The sun may rise for she who walks in shadow, the blackness that makes her disappear hidden away from prying eyes. Nobody told her how to cope with bombs and the dreams of despots. .

The Hunt

The hunger gnawed, must break laws to fill his tummy flat. He isn't long fed. The smell of fish stoked his wish, thought it is must to steal his bread. He said I've an urge let us both go to war; you shall fight against me. We shall fight on the land and if you insist we shall fight on the sea. The prey snapped the result of this spat will be nothing but bubbles to mark where you sank. I'll be gun, I'll be bomb said my furry And I'll target my missiles and blow up your tank. .