Noel Alex's Stories

Intelligence without awareness

It took us 25 years to perfect the shrinking process. 15 years disputing whether to make this technology public. After 40 years, we decided that the best use of our discovery was to shrink ourselves and travel to places no man could ever visit before. We decided to use our old school bus for our travels, the first place where we all met. We drove into the woods and shrunk ourselves and the bus. For obvious reasons we couldn’t tell anyone our plan. For less obvious reasons we forgot to shrink the key. Intelligence without awareness is quite frankly stupidity. .

View from a Bridge

A young girl jumped from this bridge yesterday. She is one of 76 others. I don’t think they were cowards. Not everyone is born with the strength to endure. I only wish before they took the leap, they had opened their eyes to see how beautiful the world looked from here - like I do every day. I hoped people would stand here and feel the steel and concrete beneath their feet, above the majestic sea- and be inspired by what man can accomplish I never thought this bridge would hover above a massive graveyard, when I built it… .

No one regrets a Life with a purpose

People have asked me if I think I was unfortunate to be born into a life of hardship and struggle. I always gave them the same answer. I have no regrets. I know that not everyone is blessed with an easy life. People would never appreciate life as such, if so. Here in Himachal the women weave shawls and sell it to the traders to support their families. But that's not why I do it... I do it because my mother wove clothes for me, with love… and I do it for my son. It gives me a purpose... .