NavSpeak's Stories

The Promise

The excruciating pain of the long labour vanished the moment Shubhdra took her newborn daughter in her arms. Her eyes gleamed with dreams of her daughter achieving all that she couldn't. She knew she didn't have much time. She kissed Aasha, held Murali's hand and smiled. "I'd promised I'll never leave you alone. I've kept my promise. Now... ," she couldn't complete her sentence but Murali knew what she wanted to say. Every day when Murali takes Aasha to school holding her hand, he keeps his promise. Shubhdra never left him. She always walks ahead like a guiding light..

The launch pad

Be it running, chasing or diving, the popular banyan tree never failed to enrapture the village kids. Except this one urchin who had a strange predilection for that tall coconut tree. Didn't matter to him that he couldn't climb it or rest under its shade, But he somehow knew that this tree could launch a thousand dreams. How, he didn't know! Not until he developed an uncanny interest in projectile motions and grew up to be Mahendra Bahubali. It couldn't have been without this coconut tree that an army of thousand soldiers was launched to the Mahismati fort! .