navneet micro mishra's Stories


'They look like machines. They behave like machines. Nobody smiles here... I'll leave Mumbai soon,' he thought. "Hey! Can you stand like a gentleman? Stupi..." He was about to have a fight when a bald man stepped in. "You don't know the pain of standing so long on one leg. Bald man!" "I know the pain son! Don't fight, calm down!" the bald man replied softly and with a smile. The bald man got off the train on same station with him. His thoughts were frozen! Bald man's one leg was artificial. .

Political cow

Sarita was shocked to see her friend’s house was burnt and for what? That calf she and Rubina used to play with! That night flashed before her, when her uncle was planning with others. “We’ll call for strike! Nobody has the right to murder a calf.” “They will see our power and what we can do…” This was a meeting organized by leaders of go-raxa samiti. The mob moved to the house of Rubina. Rubina was punished in school for her essay writing where she narrated cow as political animal; and Sarita, for defending her friend against teachers..


"Those who love a writer, never die. They become immortal!" "Really?" "Yeah! That's why I love you." "Ok! Just finish your soda water. I wonder what kind of man you are! You love soda more than a beer!" That was the last evening they spent together. Somebody killed her with that his soda bottle; because she was raising voice against corruption. Now he was afraid of death. Nobody was there to make him immortal. He started writing against corruption to make her immortal. Her sacrifice would not go in vain. .

​ Bitter Logic

​"Stupid! Cancer is a propaganda. I have been smoking since I was fifteen." "Yes! Raghu bhai." Next day Raghu died of cancer. He wasn't even aware of it when he died. Anita, a social worker, tried to speak to Shankar about cancer and tobacco. But Shankar's philosophy was breathtaking. "Why do you blame tobacco for cancer? It's because of people like you that cigarettes are becoming expensive. I've seen many who don't use tobacco yet have cancer. There are many who use tobacco yet don't have cancer. Then how is tobacco responsible for cancer?" She was feeling helpless thinking how to explain..

​ Wrong direction

-It's there. Take first right then turn left after marriage hall. Old age home is the next building. -Thank you! -Are you alone? -Yes. -And your son? -He runs a shop in this city. -What a pity! He left you alone in this hot summer to find a place to live a meaningless life. How our own children become so heartless. -It's not like that. Today my son is organizing a 'Preet bhoj' there. I want to surprise him. My son lost his father in his childhood. He feels serving the old is a way to serve his father. .

Jungle warriors

"Murderer!" "Catch him!" "Don't let him go…!" "Ah…here you are! A human!" Caught between branches of a tree he was feeling helpless. He tried to escape but could not even move. "It looks like a big hand…a tree hand!" He murmured and screamed "Please let me go! Please don't kill me!" Frozen with fear of death; he took his last breath, when suddenly he was dropped. He found himself on the bed; heavily sweating. On the breakfast table wife asked about the new project of honeymoon resort. He replied with fear, "That place is already beautiful, without any construction!".

For Love

Clouds were dark only; for them... "I know…nobody wants us to marry…" Sneha's trembling voice was full of hope "…but we'll fight. For us... For love..." "They will kill us; and nobody would care...I just want to die with you..." Preeti said; looking at horizon with dark clouds in heart and rain of tears. Darkness was about to pull them in deep ocean, away from their lives, when suddenly the couple turned towards them and man introduced himself “I'm love commando, Rohit.” He urged with humble voice "Can I do something for you...oh! I'm sorry... for love?" They smiled!.