Naveen Rane's Stories

Black Box

As teenagers, Meghan and Diego dreamed of joining air force as pilots, because they loved the idea of "flying high and seeing the world through a birds eye". As dreamed, their dream came true and luckily both were part of the same cockpit of the plane which carried the soldiers to war zone. As they were few nautical miles away from the war zone, their plane came under radar of enemy and was fired with a missile. When Black Box was examined, the final recording was "We lived our dream, but we won't grow old to cherish our memories.".

Death Anniversary

Waiting for this day made her blush and planning for it made me cheerful, after all it was the only day when we could both celebrate as our day, instead of my day: "marriage anniversary". Everything was going perfect: getting flowers from the florist, buying gifts, handwritten greetings, an candlelight dinner at home, a surprise that I would be visiting her after long time. But destiny had planned something different. Instead of being in my arms, she was in another's arms, since she loved water. I laid her in peace in water. Of course, it's an anniversary but that of "Death"..


Wandering around, Sebastian asked Carol, "Are we on the right path? Will we reach our destination?" Carol 's response was a just a 'hmmm' but Sebastian was curious to know what they would encounter along their path. So he kept asking, but Carol seemed to be just enjoying the woods, the birds twittering and the breeze against her while waving her stick through the bushes. He couldn't take it any more and a frustrated Sebastian raised his voice and asked, "Are we going to find the thing we came searching for?" Carol smiled innocently, and said, "I have already found it." A little confused, he probed, "Where?" She just smiled wider and whispered "Right here. Around us. Nature.".


My father was a cowherd and even I dreamed of being a cowherd. But in my growing years, my father asked me to study well, so that I would get a good job and make my name in the society. But the thought arose why my father didn’t want me to be cowherd. Wasn’t he happy with his job, or was he regarded as unfit for society? Even today my father is a cowherd, but when he crosses this road he feels proud, when villagers say this road was constructed by his son who is an engineer..

Mumbai Flamingo Festival

It's time to meet the pink beauties at the Mumbai flamingo festival. Everyone is geared up to know the results of entertaining quizzes/bird tattoos, visual displays (exhibition), nature publications and educational activities like 'Span your Wings' and 'Beak and Feet', which were held throughout the fortnight. As the free bus service which is provided by the organizers leaves the station, everyone is cheering to their hearts' content imagining to see flock of flamingos on the bay. But the terror outfit had other plans and exploded the bus, turning the flamingo festival into festival of ashes..

Death of Innocence

Son: Mother,why are we all wearing white and these three women wearing black? Mother: Because they are rudaali women who have come to mourn your grandfather’s demise. Son: Why should they cry, when they are not part of our family? Mother: It's ritual! Son: But when our grandmother expired, we didn’t have this ritual. Mother: Its only when male members expire that we perform this ritual. Son: That’s why sister always says you are lucky to be born as a boy and she is right! Mother: Why? Son: Because even death differentiates gender! .

Grazing Dreams

As a young boy, I used to take graze goats and work in farms. But I had big dreams, but was always demotivated by my family telling me, this is our family business. But destiny had planned something different for me. An NGO visited our village with a vocational course for all youths on the farm and I enrolled myself. After doing hard work and fulfilling my dreams, as I was travelling back to my village, I felt glad that the person who caused the traffic jam while trying to get his goats across was not 'Me'. .


Mayur: OMG, dude again wasting your time on OFS. Girish: Yes, again my passion for writing pulls me to OFS. After a few days. Mayur: Congrats dude, I have good news for you. Girish: What's that? Mayur: My director wanted a story for short film on national integration and I showed your story titled" Indian House" and he has locked it. Girish: But you used to say I waste time and ignored my stories on OFS. Mayur: I know, I missed the opportunity of being part of OFS, also being a writer myself..


Being a fisherman, life was good with a nagging but caring wife and adorable daughter. From being a responsible husband and father, I became an alcoholic and both my wife and daughter left for greener pastures. That's when a small puppy entered my life and again changed me from alcoholic to normal person through his kindness. Today I am again alone and hollow, since my dog has left for heavenly abode. Since my dog loved ocean very much, assuming even he wanted to say goodbye through ocean, here I am carrying his body in a bodybag and for enlightening me with kindness..

Torch of knowledge

Back home in our country we all three belong to different religions, customs and cultures. But far away in this foreign country we are bound by a unique religion called education. There may be lots of frames in our homes which define our virtue in this world and starting from our forefathers we have respected those frames, Today on this convocation day we dream of a new frame in our homes which will carry the torch of knowledge and enlighten our communities to think that only education can bring peace and harmony and help us understand humanity..


Manjali: Look at this palace! They have so much electric power, they light up the palace every day. Piyu: True, and we don't have power to even study at night. Manjali: Don't worry, we can make the change. Piyu: What can we do? We are so poor that power to our bulb depends on government's wish. Manjali: You know, government has a scheme 'Beti padao, desh badao'. Piyu: So what's that got to do with houses in our village getting power supply? Manjali: Let's get educated and invent new technologies so that our villages are also power sufficient..


My camel Lakshmi and I are both orphans. We are family to each other. We earn our income by helping each other, providing camelback rides to tourists. Lakshmi becomes the vehicle and I, the guide. We both have a dream; some day we both want to start a family. When we earn and save enough, I will buy a camel for Lakshmi who can be her partner and I myself will start a business so that I can get married and eventually both will have a family, which will set us free from the curse called being orphans..

Dreaming Big

Babloo: Manu where did you get this toy? Manu: Our neighbours are shifting, so they gave me this as a gift. Babloo: Why? Don’t they have children? Manu : But their children now don’t play with such toys; they play games on computers. Babloo: Can u give this toy to me? I love motor toys. Manu: Why? Babloo: Because one day I want to be driver of motor vehicle. Manu: But on one condition, if u give me your school books. Babloo: Why school books? Manu: Because I want to study and own a vehicle. .


As a boatman from early dawn to late evening, life is unexplainable. Though I transport passenger from one bay to the other bay, I don't have a story to tell. Because boatmen always hear stories of passengers, we don't have a story to tell. .


Two towns separated by a river, what a scenic view and source of water for both towns. But this same river took away my family. My pregnant wife was travelling to her father’s place to deliver our first baby. Due to a storm, the ship sank and I lost my wife and my unborn child. But instead of being angry or frustrated I took a pledge. I will make peace with the river by constructing a bridge. Though it was a tedious process to convince the government authorities, finally the bridge is a reality and saver of lives..

Dream Of Knitting

Decades ago we both had dreams; you wanted to reach the cliff of the mountain and I wanted to learn to knit a sweater from you. Sitting at the same place where we both discussed our dreams, I am knitting a sweater for our grandson who will turn one in a few days. Though the avalanche took you away from me, I don’t feel single because I am in a relationship with your memories. Thanks for making my dream come true and for the shoes which you gifted which makes me feel that you are still walking with me..

Banana Plantation

After doing Agriculture engineering, I joined Govt agriculture dept in the research lab, where we did lots of experiments on agricultural products. But deep in my heart, I had this urge of working at ground level with farmers, I decided to go and work with farmers who actually put in their blood. Since my specialization was in banana plantation, I embarked on a journey with little hope but full faith in my abilities. But today I am happy to see the healthy bananas with drops of rain making them look like a farmer's gift to humans. .

Biggest Catch

We are friends, Mahesh and George, sons of fishermen. Our fathers were rivals of the backwaters because they competed for the biggest catch. Though their style of attire, language were the same, their religions were not, which became the reason for the rivalry. But we knew only about friendship and today, we do the same ancestral business of fishery. Though our clothes, “shirts and lungis”, are the same that our fathers used to wear, we have graduated from backwaters to the sea, from small fishermen to the kings of market with the biggest catch of sea every day..


Sushma: Father why do you always ask me to get blessings from our cow Laxmi? Father: When your mother died after 6 months of your birth she was the one who fed you with her milk. (After one year) Father: Sushma, come here. There is sad news. Your mother Laxmi died after giving birth to a calf. Sushma: What about the calf now? Father: Don’t you think that now it’s time to repay? Sushma: Yes father. From today onwards, I will be the mother of this calf and I name her Lakumi. .

Tea Boy

When I landed in Bombay as a 14 year old, I became a tea boy in a sound recording studio. My name, karmvir, resonated in the studio whenever anybody wanted to refresh themselves by having a tea. I don’t know whether it was luck or destiny, sound started to touch my heart and soul. I became a worshipper of sound and started learning to record sound; which enriched my soul and existence.Here I am today working as a assistant sound recordist for discovery channel on the project “sounds of Nature”. But still my energy drink is tea..

Love Soda

In our college days, me and my beloved shared the lemon soda outside our college campus. Such was the craziness of our love for the soda we were called the love soda couple of the college. As the gas inside the bottle evaporates, the love in our life also evaporated and circumstances separated us. Today it's the same soda but I am drinking it alone, the company for me is this dark night which reminds me that the brightness of our love was shadowed by the darkness of clouds..


"We both grew up as buddies and enjoyed each moment of the life by sharing everything we could", said Ganeshappa to Murgeshan. But the one thing I never shared with you was the cigarette. Though I owned a pan-bidi shop I never smoked but you being my good friend chose to take benefit of it. Today you are suffering from the chronic bronchitis. Your suffering has taught me the lesson in life that I should never help in spreading it. So out of respect for our camaraderie, I am closing my shop forever. .

Light Of Hope

Everything was dark in my life, dark future, dark circumstances due which I lost the hope of living a blissful life. darkness engulfed my mind and heart in such a way that I started thinking that I the child of darkness. That's when out of blue moon I saw this dream in my sleep that changed every thing. In the dream, I saw this jungle which thought me that these are hurdles you need to pass, a footpath which showed me the path to destination, the bright light which reminded me there is always hope so don't give up..


My father's dream of me owning a houseboat came true due to my hard work and perseverance. my business was going great guns because tourists liked my houseboat and the other boats in the vicinity felt that i was eating into their business. Our own association decided that i have to leave this bay and find another bay where same kind of boats operated.So today with the heavy heart i am leaving my native place, where my father dreamed for me and i fullfilled his dream only to be betrayed by my own people..


Cigarette : Am I the slow poison for human being's life Tea: No no it's neither me, nor you. Cigarette: Then why am I always abused? Tea: Because human's mind itself is a big poison. Cigarette: How? Tea: Human beings create us to satisfy their needs. Cigarette: That means we are just the medium. Tea : Oh yes my friend, it's the poisonous seeds of human minds that make them the slave of drugs. .

Back On Track

Since my childhood, I had this huge urge to help the underprivileged children, but I never had the resources to do so, that's when my grandfather gave me his most precious possession a "camera". Today I am here to click my subject on the railway track so that I can send these photos for the competition, put it up in a gallery and use the money I get to bring the lives of children back on track. .

Prison Of Love

We were childhood sweethearts and love blossomed with each passing days, bringing us into the phase where our love for each other was considered a pure form of friendship when we were young. But the same love became love of lust for the society when we tried to consummate our love and the mongrels of love imprisoned us to sentence us to death for loving each other. So. come my love. lets kiss for the last time and enlighten our heart before our soul leaves the confines of universe..

Forest Man

A decade and half when I started planting the saplings on the barren land which I bought with my hard earned money, everyone laughed at my idea of making a jungle out of it.Time passed and my hard work transformed plant saplings into trees finally shaping it into vibrant forest.The same people who laughed at me are taking their morning walks in the woods for their precious morning air full of oxygen.The once uninhabited land is today home to several wildlife species making it the best habitat forest and earning me the name forest man..

My Hero

We were childhood friends cum sweethearts. We had dreams of growing old together, tell our grandchildren our story of life. You became my hero the day you wore the army uniform. We had our romantic dates under the same tree from our teenage days which today has dried up and shed it’s leaves. Today here I am at early dawn to embrace the air, the surrounding and say thank you to this beautiful universe which gave me those wonderful memories.Today you are not only my hero but the nation’s hero because you have now become a martyred. .

Shining Star

Christopher a school kid of 11 years was in his last stage of cancer, counting his days in the hospital. His friends used to visit him everyday. Christopher told his friends “probably this is my last Christmas”. His friends came up with the idea why not celebrate Christmas in hospital itself. They took up the cleaning and dusting job in their neighborhood so that they could collect money for Christmas tree decoration. Pointing at the star on the tree his friends told him “You are a friend who will shine like a star in our heart forever”. .

Idol Supplier

As a boy Murugan ran from his native place because of his drunken father. For his living he started delivering idols of different gods irrespective of any religion on the bicycle. As time passed by he became famous as a idol supplier because idols delivered by him started to get prominence among the clients. He became so famous he started earning more than the sculptor. Today Murugan has his own goods carrier to supply the idols, but he makes it a point that he himself unloads the idol from the vehicle and delivers to the client personally..

Privileged Life

We had a privileged life. We had a nice house, my parents and I made it a home, scooter which gave us joyful rides. But one natural disaster turned into nightmare for us.The collateral damage it brought was devastating, making my home look like concrete box with no power supply, joyride vehicle transformed into scrap. My parents starved for days so that I could eat, eventually losing their life, but in their last moment taught me the lesson by handing me white ball, that life is like a ball, you need to bounce back again and again because it’s precious..

Vanquisher Of Obstacles

Unprecedented rain had demoralized the citizens of Mumbai because their favorite festival ganesh utsav was nearing, people were confused whether rain god was blessing or cursing them with such heavy rainfall. Even the ganesh idols were covered with plastic sheets to protect them from rain. That’s when the ganesha decided let me take over from here and gift the devotees their much awaited happiness of the year. Not only did the down pour stopped and brought the smiles on the face of devotees but also proved why he is called the vighnaharta (Vanquisher Of Obstacles)..


Kamlesh: Manya we need to arrange money for Dondya’s school fees. Manya: But how? Kamlesh: Look there is this auto lying idle from so many days, Lets steal the parts and make money for school fees. Manya: But there’s this man sleeping in the auto. Kamlesh: But he is not the owner. Manya: But isn’t stealing crime? Kamlesh: But if we don’t commit this crime, Dondya will ride this kind of auto for life. Manya: Stealing for education doesn’t look good. Kamlesh: If we help him today, he will become jet pilot not rickshaw driver. .

Gana Chaiwala

With a dream in my eyes to become a singer I came to Mumbai thinking I would charm everyone with my voice.. As days passed I came to know this city being competitive will not bestow success on anyone so easily. Our own prime minister being a chaiwala’s son inspired me to start a tea stall to survive in front of studio because I am also a chaiwala’s son and named it Gana Chaiwala.The only regret is that my tea stall is not eco friendly like my father’s who uses mud cups instead of plastic. .

Naughty Boys

Some where in the country side two friends had this practice of teasing the school girls on their way to home by offering them flowers. One of the girls' father worked with the police department, so he accompanied his daughter to see who are these mongrels who were making the road to their home seem like road to hell for school girls. The moment the one of the boy saw the policemen he told his other friend "come on buddy it's d-day today, lets save our face today" and hunt our prey tomorrow. .

Manglik - A Myth

When I saw my sister in the bridal wear I dreamed of my M-Day. Today I was happy because I was going to marry my love. But destiny had something else for me just before I would tie the knot I got the worst news that my would be husband has met with the accident. Here I am praying to you lord with my hands folded, with mehndi designed by my friends, orange sari, a blessing from my mother, bring my love to life otherwise the myth of marrying a manglik girl will come true..


There lived a beast who always stationed himself on the cliff of the mountain and just roared through out the day. He had the luxury of living like a king because his master served him the food in the form of human flesh which he got by killing the travelers while stealing their wealth . One day the beast inside the master died and he turned into a monk which eventually made the beast to wander down the mountain for search of food but he himself became the prey of hunters thus enlightening him to moksha..


Our forefathers came to this place as workers to earn a living for their family. Though they migrated from different countries they brought with them their culture and tradition and jelled within their own community for the fear of losing their values. But we the present generation don’t belive in religion, country and color of skin. Though our houses are painted in different colors, though our skin color and physical features are different, though we wear different kinds of clothes, though we represent different countries we are bound by the strong relationship called friendship..

Greedy City

What a time it was when we both used to read this novel and love blossomed between us. Both were new to the city aspiring to be famous. This city Bombay had some other plans for us, I slipped to the charms of luxuries life and left you to struggle on your own and myself settled for a comfortable life with a person whom I liked but didn’t love. Today I am the lost flamingo reading the same novel again and again with a cup of coffee remembering our blissful days and regretting the loss of love..

First Kiss

10 years back our love story started as a teenagers at the same place where we are standing today as a married couple, Mahesh said to Maheswari. Remember Maheswari I had gifted you the payal on your 18th birthday and in return asked you for a kiss which you firmly denied saying that it would our marriage gift. I do remember Mahesh here I am today with the same payal in my legs decorated with mehndi . Here is the moment of our life my love, let us kiss and start a blissfull married life. .

Living Shadow

Why am I searching for some one when even my eyes seem to be giving away by the strong sun rays and my shadow laughing at me. My shadow seems to be telling me though you are jumping high to see your dream come true, you still need to be grounded when that someone will approach you with the good news that you have been selected to represent your city for supermodel contest. My shadow is my universal truth that I should be humble in my success and be grounded..


Dear cigarette, All these years you have been my best companion whether I am happy or sad. You have been listening to my inner voice without judging me. Though you turned yourself into ashes you gave me ideas, relived me from stress of everyday life. As they say all exciting things must come to an end. Tomorrow my wife is delivering our baby and my baby’s face will relive me from stress, so here I am to say final good bye to you. .

Orphan Love

Krishnappa argued with his daughter-in-law Yesodha that he wanted grandson, though he was blessed with two granddaughters. Doctor warned Yesodha that one more child might be dangerous for her life. But Krishnappa was adamant for boy so that his family is not devoid of heir. Krishnappa was lucky this time as he was blessed with grandson. But Yesodha lost her life due to complications during delivery. Instead of bringing happiness in the family this incidence bought more sorrow to Krishnappa because his son committed suicide as he couldn’t handle the shock of his wife’s demise..

Hungry Eyes

My sister got a internship for a MNC. So she went to celebrate to one of her friend’s place. While returning home on her bike she was stopped by the college youths and raped brutally and is now in a vegetable state. The cops and society instead of blaming the rapists are pointing fingers at my sister for dressing up in such revealing cloths, which enticed the guys for such extreme crime. For one month I will be walking half naked just to see how many hungry eyes will be preying for my chastity.

Metaphor Of Love

The younger siblings ask their elder brother why our father have to perform such dangerous stunts which makes our mother always be in fear when he leaves for work. Why can’t he do a normal job for a living? The elder brother answers ”If our father does a normal job he can provide us food and good education. He doesn’t want to devoid us of unconditional love which only our mother can give us. She has cancer and to cure the disease he needs to do stunts so that he can pay the medical bills.”.

Sparkling Sticks

In my childhood days I always waited for the Diwali festival to arrive to light the sparkling sticks left over by the rich kids which were half burned as I could not afford it as being a labours child. Today I am a welder using welding sticks for fabrication; the sparks coming out of it has the same view as that of Diwali sparking sticks. Now when I buy my children the sparkling sticks for Diwali they say “papa we see these sparkling in your workshop everyday then why do u don’t bring something else for us”..