Monathais's Stories

Not This Time Either

"Again you look down at me. How many times I told you to stop doing this? Just because you are the Goliath in this relationship? Why won't you let me be?" "Because you complete me. You know all my sorrows and my joys." "How about me then? Don't I deserve to have some peace? I always end up being consumed by your passion. I cannot handle your intensity anymore." "But how can I live without you? I will be lost in this meaningless life." "Please, stop! " "Not this time either," he said rolling and lighting her up again..

PaK5 and Unwanted Tree

PaK1: "Dude, why do I have the feeling that somebody should be cheering down there?". PaK2: "I know, right? We should be glitzy dressed and beautiful." PaK3 and PaK4: "We feel like dancing and squawking. As a duo." Leader: "Guys, better watch out for some food. We don't have time for dreams." Little did they know that in their next reincarnation, the five souls would meet again and they would become the most beloved K-pop band in the world. Their debut song, "Unwanted tree" wooed people. It had been Leader's obsession from his previous life. His stubborn persistence paid off. .


"I hope we haven't traveled thousand of kilometers in the middle of nowhere for nothing!" "Be patient and don't try to peep." He sighed, deciding to wait. When she finally removed his blindfold, blinking rapidly, he saw the wreck and his heart sunk under the blow. "Why do I feel this pain again? "It's the part that was torn from you back then. It came out to life here as a destroyed metal monster." "Why is it not over yet?" "Because you tried to keep going without forgetting." He took her hand and kissed it with his tears. .

Best friend

"Let's go, Johnny! Grandpa is waiting for us!" "Not now mom, how many times should I tell you?" "Johnny, please! Stop with this nonsense." "But mom, he is my best friend! And he wants to try it it, too, even if the tricycle is a little bit old." "Johnny, your best friend went to Heaven last year. He is a little angel now." "You always say this and it's not true. He came back and he is here." The woman sighed and took her son's hand to leave. But then the tricycle started to follow them slowly. .

Mise en abyme

"How long have we stayed like this?" "I really don't know. But it seems like a small eternity." The cameraman behind the two nuns studied the shadows through the prime lens carefully. A creepy feeling made him shudder. He turned his head. The painter caught the glimpse of fear in his eyes and started a new painting. But his fingers seemed to get blurry. He felt empty, like a white sheet of paper. At his computer, the writer reached the first twist in his novel. The nuns would be kidnapped. Behind him, the stalker grinned and stabbed him. .

Adagio Misterioso

Maurice was lingering for a while now. The piano did not speak to him anymore. He got stuck at the change in tempo. His thoughts were just a big abyss full of sorrow and loses. Amalia left him so many years ago and he could not get over her. She married with his best friend, creating the biggest scandal of that year. Little he knew Amalia divorced in the meantime and she was now on the other side of the world, alone, with her cello, stuck at the change in tempo. They both decided to continue with an adagio..

Pick Me!

It was the sixth anniversary of their separation. As usual, he went into the woods to retreat for a day, away from the crazy world. It helped him celebrate her live spirit. He stood still, breathing in the fresh air and listening to the blessed silence. "For the love of God, man. It's my sixth reincarnation as a pure, white flower! I even brought with me reinforcement to catch your attention. Leave the damned sky alone. I am not a freaking bird. Pick me already, you blind schmuck!" Suddenly, the man turned wondering what his wife had reincarnated as. .

The Vote

“Was he good?” “Apparently.” “But what did she say?” The younger woman huffed, annoyed with the others’ insistence. She had explained so many times that the new generation was not eager to share kinky details. “It’s enough that she went out of her tent smiling. She looked into my eyes and I saw the approval.” “Should we vote then?” Nearby, a handsome lad was waiting to hear the tribe leaders’ verdict. Would he be kicked out in the desert? Or would he become the next seed provider? He desperately hoped for the latter. He loved her..