Mitul Jhaveri's Stories

I Quit

Here as I contemplate my end, all the years passed by in front of me. All the times the man I used to call my father touched me inappropriately as my mother watched. All the times my friends made fun of my short hair and called me inappropriate names. "How is this fair?" I asked God. "How do the people who thrust such atrocities upon others manage to live their life while innocent people like me have no other way out? I bet there is something in store for me in this vast sea." Splash!.


In the midst of all the pollution, Ram had to take the bicycle and get exposed to all the deleterious and noxious fumes. The future was here and it looked very bleak. Global Warming had reached an alarming level and New Delhi was in a dire state, environmentally. "Only if the odd-even rule was implemented on a permanent basis back in 2015", wondered Ram. Only if the then ten year old Ram could understand that the people preferred convenience over health. .

New World

The world now belonged to them. It was the ape apocalypse which took the human generation by storm. The monkeys and apes were aghast with the double standards and the hypocrisy of human beings. They could not believe that such creatures, in reality, evolved from them. They wanted to wipe off the humans off the face of the earth who were bringing disgrace to their kind. Nari, the chief ape inspired the rest of the monkeys to stir up a revolution and with their belligerent attitude and massive numbers, were able to create a new world. .

All good things must come to an end

"He's here!" exclaimed the children of Dharavi. It was that day again. But this was perhaps the last time they were going to meet Mr. Ranjit. Mr. Ranjit, an IT professional and a photographer by heart, created a massive impact in the lives of these children through a one-on-one mentoring program called as 'Green Batti.' This was once in a week chance for the kids to drown themselves in the candor and joy other kids experienced, away from the tumult in their households. They now looked forward to the next 8 roller coaster months with some other 'Ranjit.' .