Mihika Jindal's Stories

Hey Me!

You were nothing but a blur. Your voice faint in the distance. I was miserably failing to move on. No matter what I did, you wouldn't leave. I realised a confrontation was due. Just as I crushed, you came around. As I rolled, you started to appear. And just when I lit it after a whole year, there you were. "Hello! You took longer than expected," she said. "You wouldn't let go, would you," I said. She smiled, and smirked at me. I couldn't run from myself any longer. .

Won but lost

"Look ma, I made this," beamed her daughter. "It's lovely," she said. It was always made her happy to see her daughter achieve these weekend DIY goals. With deteriorating health, massive hair fall and plummeting grades, it was only art that kept the smile alive. Today, she flipped the pages of her memory book while sipping coffee from the last piece of art created by her. It had been long since the little one sought appreciation. .


Mysterious. The nice kinds. "I want to walk this path. It looks like there are stories laid all along the way," said the heart. "Really? Or are you just hoping to find a story similar to your own? Something that would complete the darkness inside? Something that would help you make sense of your loneliness? The light at the end of this tunnel suggest nothing but fog, blur and chaos," said the mind. The eternal duel between the two continued. .

Let the demons hide

The thunderous sky struck many chords from the past. Some memories, some stories, A lot that didn't last. Playing stare with the horizon, I sat in despair The waves came crashing Memories smashing Tears splashing Seemed beyond repair Then out of the blue, the lightning struck and conjured me with you sharing a moment or two. Then struck another one And I saw the other one Sitting on the other side I must’ve had a face to hide You stared me in my eyes I realised all the lies The sighs But am sorry Let this please fly by..

He walked

He had been desperate to cross the line and get on to the other side. His forest, the sunshine, the creatures, his creatures, were all being left behind. He had been this close to crossing over since a long time. He kept walking, and walking, and walking; determined. “I’ve finally done it. I have crossed the life I knew,” he sighed. He craved to turn around and give everything he knew a final look. But demons of his past stood there still waiting to engulf him back, but he walked — only this time, never to return!.