Melwyn's Stories

Old Memories Die Hard

For today's generation, which is introduced to technology at an early age in their lives, kids spend their free time holed up in their bedrooms with the latest gaming gadget. Ninety-year-old Puru decided to engage his grandchildren in some good, old outdoor activities during their summer visit. (The kids were as excited as their Grandpa.) Out in the fields, he reintroduced them to his childhood memories. “I'd play here, climb these trees. This lake, we'd spend time stone skipping.” “Playing in the outdoors today seems to have become a thing of the past.” He gazed..

Fading Hope

“I've lost half my brotherhood in this village and I fear losing a few more at this rate,” cried Ram Manohar as he headed back home. (The reporter made another attempt to assure him of 'some' hope.) “You just can't!” he exclaimed. “Droughts, debts, threats from moneylenders, and inability to meet their family's needs, drove most of them toward suicide.” “Agricultural schemes and subsidies are mere words on paper; we've not had a sight of either till date,” he laughed and continued his walk. “For in every known face I see, lies my hope.”.

I'm here

Having moved into their new apartment along with their 5-year old son Ben, Mike and Anna were all set for a new beginning sans memories of their horrifying past. For little did they know that things had not really changed for good. When one fine morning Ben came up to Anna and claimed that he had traded all his new toys with his 'brother'. Before a distraught Peter could even react, an uncanny figure resembling Ben walked past his tricycle. A teary Anna gazed at the family frame: Mike and Anna cuddling Ben and Peter at birth..

A Friend

Today, the shortest one stands tall, lonely and sad. Her regular visitors in fuzzy squirrels and chirpy birds had gone. She longed for a friend. “Are you hear to chop me down as well?”, she asked. “Chop !!....No !!, I'm here to shade myself from the scorching sun.… return, I'll sing for you all day”, ten year old Genu heaved. In a loud, unmelodious tone he began, but she didn't complain, swaying her branches in joy each time he paused. After years, long lost happiness and in Genu, a friend she'd found..