Mehula Prasad's Stories


The Muslim girl picked up the Om locket and bowed down for Namaaz. A Christ locket was adorned by the boy who pressed his palms together to pray to his dearest Lord Hanuman. The final showdown had put everyone under stress. A girl crossed herself who chose her favourite baby pink colour scarf to tie the Hijaab. The bearers of talent forgot the differences every time they performed on the stage. But, in reality, why do people rarely show adoration towards other religions ?.

The Urban Monster

The economy of the small village predominantly thrived on exporting fish to the adjacent town. The earnings of the village dwellers was hit hard as the fish refused to come out of the lake. Thus started the eerie reports in the local newspaper. A man was supposedly lost, only to resurface in the lake tangled in shredded ropes of plastic. The villagers had identified the monster and did their best to clean the lake. What had they done to deserve the toxic garbage from the town to which they innocently supplied fish?.

The View From Above

In the maternity ward a woman's cradle lay empty. But, the morning filled her room with sunshine and a baby's cry, as she gained consciousness from the anaesthetics. She brought up the baby just like her own. Even after 20 years she remains unaware, until the cuckoo flew down to take her baby back. It was rare to see brood parasitism amongst humans. Perched high up in the air, collectively, they laughed at the misery of humanity. .