Megh Shah's Stories

The Paths

He came back home late at night and hung his cross just beside the Ohm. Thankfully, these religious symbols were helpful in getting him close to the people who needed something which was more than just God in order to survive : Food. Today he is priest. Yesterday he was Saadhu. Tomorrow he will be Maulana. Because he knew that whichever path we might choose to reach to the God, they all invariably pass through the blessings of the people we have helped when they needed it the most. .

The Viewpoint

I've heard the silences and the sighs. I've seen people laughing their hearts out and crying their lungs out. I've witnessed heartbreaks and long awaited reunions. I've seen the time passing by and generations growing up to become the future, leaving behind the past. I'm here since the centuries and I'll last even after you'll be gone. So my advice to you, my friend, is to "Live in the moment". As some wise man once said, 'Past is the history. Future is the mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called present.".