Matilda Briggs's Stories


He came across the pale blue creature in an ancient meteor crater. He wore rags of dead animal skin and seemed to have a third eye on his forehead, tightly shut. "Who are you?" "Take this. It will reveal you to you." "Help me." "But, I want to help everyone." Shiv woke up, startled. He quickly rolled a joint for his seizure prone daughter. Weed always seemed to stabilize her, with little or no side effects. He knew, in his heart, that the world had been lied to, as he saw his daughter fall into a peaceful slumber..

Death Becomes Her

“Can I take my pet calf, Nandi too?” “Yes. Go to Yama, the head priest,” Parvati’s mother choked, as she put vermillion paste on her daughter’s forehead, one last time. An oblivious Parvati went into the dreaded cave, where a demon called “Shiv” was known to reside. “Oh..I forgot to come with the priest. Should I fetch him?” Parvati exclaimed. “I am trying to revive the dying science of anatomy. Yama brings the dead here.” “Your name?” “From now, it’s Kali,” Parvati stepped out, seething with anger. Shiv was not a demon. Yama was and he had it coming..

Open Your Eyes

As Murali prayed fervently, he bellowed, “Recite mantras in unison, Ungrateful Child.” “How do you suppose the Gods will hear it?” “The smoke from these incense sticks would convey my regards to the mighty Gods.” “Right on. Once you are done, drink this herb infused tea.” A calmer Murali dozed off, as his daughter looked on, relieved. Medical Marijuana had helped them control their familial psychosis. Later, she rolled a joint for herself and started to puff away. The smoke rings rose higher, even as she saw Lord Shiv bend down and take a whiff of ‘the good stuff.’.

A Song of Ice and Fire

He sipped coffee and wrote gleefully into his journal. “Beloved Sansa, I remember the day you gifted me this DIY cup. You told me that the direwolf on it was your childhood’s only friend, Lady. The bitch made you feel safe, just as I do. You left, when I professed my undying love for you. You may never read this. So, I will put this message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean because I left some pieces of you in it. Others, I fed to Lady’s pups. Because I love you. All of you. Regards, Ramsay.”.

A Christmas Carol

As Scrooge puffed away on that cold, bleak Christmas Eve, he felt the presence of his late puff buddy, Marley. “Thou shall be visited by three spirits. Heed to them!” Suddenly, Ghost of the Christmas past showed him how his grandson, Tiny Tim, shared his first few puffs with his cool grandfather. Ghost of the Christmas Present, took him to a grown up Tim, urging his wife, Lily, to give him company. Ghost of the Christmas Yet to Come, showed him a grieving Lily who had delivered a stillborn child. Tim was in debt, paying for his cancer treatment. .

Breaking Bad

“Swami has told me everything, Mrs. Muralidharan.” “I..I don’t understand.” “You beat my son black and blue with your umbrella. Come with me to the principal’s office, now!” “But..” As the drama unfolded before Swami, he hid his face with an umbrella after throwing his report card in the dustbin. Not only did he fail in Mathematics, he had also been beaten by his meth dealer for delayed payments. He reveled in silence though. The sexual abuse had lasted for years. “Sweetheart, you must always lie”, she had taught him in her office during the lunch period..

Divine Tragedy

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”, Virgil crooned, as they rowed the dodgy boat into the Purgatorio bay of Hell. “Pray, why must we?” “The Dead are less dead than the living, Dante. Inside the nine parallel systems of Hell, each more terrifying than the other, the souls are woken to the reality they consciously chose, when they were alive.” “But, if you haven’t lived, you aren’t all-knowing to pass judgments. If you have, you aren’t innocent enough to judge.” “The Gods endure their suffering with them, hence. Vicarious liability is unforgiving like that.”, Virgil sighed. .

A Study in Scarlet

“Pick one. You have a 50/50 chance of making it.” “Between supposedly toxic Bryony berries and poisoned tea, won’t you grant the dying man one last elementary wish? May I?” “You smoke, Holmes?” “Just so I remain antisocial. Nicotine also sharpens my senses. Otherwise, it’s heroin.” “Pity. I have neither.” “You don’t play fair, Monsieur. Neither would I. That gun you are threatening me’s a fake. Point in fact, it’s a lighter.”, Sherlock guffawed, as he lighted his cigarette and started to puff away. He blew smoke onto his face, as Watson overpowered the assassin from behind. .

Theory of Everything

The city skyline was called “Queen’s Necklace.” A queen gave a necklace its glorious identity. One day, quite like a real queen, Universe will look up to him for his talents and not judge him for his different sexuality. Farrokh mused, even as Jim sat on the ledge with his lady love, contemplating, “What if, there were parallel universes. Maybe in one of them, he could call Farrokh, ‘Freddie’, and love him back, wholeheartedly.” Ryuks listened to their thoughts, grimly. Mutiple universes existed within universes, because people chose not to speak their heart out. Heavens thundered back in agreement..

‘Tis the Season

Every year, Ramsay threw a gala Holi bash for his Bannermen in his estate. Only his father dared to put colour on his placid face and beautiful long hair. This year, Sansa, his wife, was trying to use Holi as a camouflage tool to escape. She had barely made it out when Reek, her monstrous husband’s pet dog, blocked her way and exclaimed, “Let’s run together.” Ramsay’s blue eyes twinkled beneath his shades. The hunt had begun. Later that evening, he wished them both “Happy Holi!”, as he dissolved their bodies in a coloured bath of formic acid..

The Prestige

“Checkmate.” “Merlin’s beard, not again! I detest Wizard’s Chess.” “Ha! My Knight smashed the bust of your King. Game over.” “You know, if not for the letter from Hogwarts, we wouldn’t even be friends.” “Really?” “Those pure blooded faggots of Slytherin bullied us for our muggle heritage during an entire semester. Now I know, what it feels to be looked down upon.”, Rohan murmured, as he pulled the hood of his jacket closer. He did not want his family to see him with Shyam, who belonged to a lower caste. Shyam eyed him with skepticism and sighed, “Avada Kedavra.”.

Final Destination

As she tip-toed out of her decaying body, she felt heavily burdened. A mysterious man was waiting for her. He took her “Bag of Karma” and guided her to a place full of railway tracks. Soon, she heard a distant rumbling. “Is this the one, Good Sir?” “Only if, you decide to get on. Here, take this bag. It will shape your future course.” “Are you implying that I have a choice?” “Always.” “Who are you?” He chortled, as he walked into a different realm, “Death. You all assume that you have a lot of time. See you soon.”.