Manisha Panda's Stories


It matters a lot on what you believe on. It can be anything, God, Power, Love or simply Life. That belief itself shapes the world around you because it is a very powerful word. I do not believe in praying all day or doing offerings which in turn will fulfil my unworthy wishes but I surely do believe in Humanity which is greater than all. Humanity means the quality of being humane. Itself it is justified as it holds zillion feelings bound together : sympathy, tolerance, compassion, mercy, gentleness. So do everyone a favour. Instead of buying 2 coconuts, a dozen banana and incense sticks, please feed a poor. Its only humane..


It all began early in the morning. Woke up with a heavy head. It was not alcohol but the pain of loss. Neither could chocolates console me nor could ice-cream cool me down. I went out at 4:17 in the morning, near the sea and stared into the vastness, thinking that maybe the waves could calm me down. But no! With no one to share my pain I looked unto the sky thinking that God might help. And there came an angel in the form of a bird who listened to my story, of accident, the death of my husband!.


Rohan: Why do we have to do this? Why can't I be a farmer like you? Murali: Son, because I want to give you what I never got and I hope you find what you love to do there. Rohan: But I just love playing with you. Murali: Now don't complain for all the good things in life! Rohan: I don't wanna leave your hand. I'm scared. Murali: That's why I want you to go. When you come back and I'm 50, hold my hand; I would be scared then..

The Speaking Tree

"We might come in your way of building a better future but I stand here, with arms wide open to give shelter to your tiny tots while they play. My dear thin friend standing next to me nurtures a heavy fruit for you to eat happily when the sun is angry. We gladly breathe in what you breathe out and yet you want to kill us! Let us live while you still have time cause Mr World is ready to do suicide for us," said the big tree..