L.Miraa's Stories

Riding against the odds

“Rakesh, return the cycle right now!” she yelled. Rakesh shook his head defiantly without taking his eyes off his seven-year-old child who was now approaching the brand new tricycle with sheer eagerness. “He can’t ride it, he would fail…” “Yes, I know he would fail, fail several times more than the other boys, but he would eventually learn to ride it and some day he would discover the path to a new beginning,” he said looking right into her eyes. She slowly turned to look at their son and smiled, while allowing the tears to run down her cheeks..

The Beholders

Two nuns gaped at the art piece in awe. “It looks like a mother carrying her baby.” said one of the nuns. “Well, I see a bird perched on a branch,” said the other. “You would never agree with me, would you?” asked the first nun, with an edge in her voice. They looked into each other’s eyes for a long moment. 'Of course we argue, disagree, squabble for every single thing under the sky. And probably that’s why we have been inseparable for the last twenty five years and would remain that way forever,' thought the second nun. .