Lata Sunil's Stories

The Disguise

Kumar saw the police and ran to hide in the hut. The woman in the house was stunned to see him .‘Quick. Help me hide,‘ he said. The woman was nonplussed. ‘I have not done anything wrong. Help me,’ he said again. She decided to trust him. In the hut, there was no place to hide. She rummaged through a box and gave him a set of woman’s clothes. He put it on quickly and tied the head scarf. He went outside the hut and sat on the grass. When the police came, his boots gave him away. .

Fishy tales

‘Last year I caught this huge fish. Yours is smaller,’ said Neo. There he goes bragging again, thought Saira as she proceeded to cut the fish. ‘Really, and was it alive?’ ‘Yeah. It also tried to bite me. See this scar. He did it,’ said Neo and lifted his shirt to show a scar. ‘Tell me how it stayed alive for so long out of water,’ Saira asked without looking up. ‘There was some water, in the bucket we carried him in. He put his nose into the water.’ ‘Must you always start a stinky fish tale?’ .


‘Where’s Sid?’ thought Shweta sipping on the now cold tea. Sid had not appeared on their last date too. He had just texted her to come here. Too many meetings, and the affair would be all over the gossip grapevine. A familiar face was too risky. A boy stood in front of her table and grabbed her attention. ‘Are you Mrs. Singh?’ She nodded and the boy gave her an envelope before getting lost in the crowd. Shweta saw Sid’s handwriting on it and opened the letter. It had just one word, ‘Goodbye.’ Shweta was relieved. No more blackmails. .

Uninhibited Dreams

Their eyes met for a second before they quickly looked away. It is not possible to acknowledge the other in front of others. For they shared different lives, far removed from each other. A tear escaped her eye as she thought of what could have been a great love story. He sighed deeply regretting his decision to follow tradition and marry as per his parents wishes. They could never be together again. Except in their uninhibited dreams. Tonight they have a date. They both turned back and smiled to acknowledge it..

Too Late

Is he mine? Keith wondered for the umpteenth time. There was no resemblance. Not to him, not to his wife, not to anyone in the extended family. And the boy had light eyes. No one in the family had light eyes. How could he forgive his wife after this betrayal? Her death in the accident was convincing. Now for the boy. Keith picked him up and stared at him. The boy put his right hand forefinger and middle finger in his mouth and cupped it with his left hand and started suckling. Just like Keith did as a child..

Winning Spirits

‘Go Roxy!’ shouted Nathan hoping to earn double on his bet. A thorough background study was done before betting on Roxy. Roxy wins every alternate fight for no apparent reason. Today was a winning day. But, Mandy was getting his blows right and made contact with Roxy more than he missed. Nathan had put his daily earning on Roxy today. The prospect of getting an earful from his wife was daunting. He went to Roxy's manager with a hundred rupee note. The manager immediately called a break. Roxy returned with refreshed spirits and won. .