K Luke Mathew's Stories

Reminiscence Of Grandeur

-Year 1939, stealth planes took to the skies. The countries shook hands while the air traffic increased at a steady pace. The war thus took a tactical turn. In the coming days the missiles poured from the sky. None saw it coming. Survivors of all kinds saw fire pouring down. -Year 1970, nuclear submarines took to the seas. The skies are clearer now. Citizens from across ran around doing their daily chores, oblivious to the rumble of the ground. -Indeed, the war was never meant to end and the irony, better means were developed to deceive one's bretheren. .

Contour Mapping..

Her mind a maze, her Kajal streaming down her face. Miss Ann returned home as a bride. Once bride to a man of impeccable range and sublime character, but now a bride to betrayal and confused rage. Wounded. The room was decorated with flowers, rather flavours of emotions. Their first night would have been picturesque, making love amidst the hues of nature. Ann had articulately decorated the room, keeping in mind the enthalpy she sought to bring to the room the coming night. But now she rips the room apart and slips into her bath, caressing her wounded contours..