JP Negi's Stories

Arriving in the Coffin

She: He barely stayed and was called back mid vacations. He: She: I won’t let him this time until I finish this inner. I'm sure you must be cruel up north uh? See I get the chills by merely your gust. He: She: I can smell him coming. This is the best thing you ever do; tell me how long did you brush past him? He: She: Tell me when can I have him in my arms? He: She: Why don't you speak up? He: O great mother, pardon my tongue, hold your breath... a while ago I brushed past his coffin..

My companion

They say it's deadly, it causes health problems in long run. I laughed. I fail to understand this propaganda I see on television, whenever it functions. I can't challenge them though, after all they are intelligent, intellectual activists and what not. It has been my only companion throughout my life ever since I remember. Any alternative is unmatchable and beyond my reach. It gives me shelter, I can sleep underneath, I make it my vest, my headgear while working. I can move my little abode wherever I go in search of work. This bad is not that bad..

Blue mystery

I want to learn swimming daddy, will you teach me? Sure dear! I want to dive deep into this ocean. Why? To fetch lots of pearls. What would you do with them? I don't know, surely we'll become rich & don't need to fish everyday. There's risk, many have drowned. Better we stick to fishing it's safer and enough for survival. Really? Then why do you stay hungry when you fail to fetch fish? Still it’s safer! How come grandpa drowned while fishing? It's a mystery! Ocean's full of mysteries, no one could unravel the mysteries of mysteries! .

Life in woods

Daddy leaves early for work & comes late, lot of time is consumed in traveling & 12 hours in factory doing manual job. Commuting is becoming difficult as he is ageing. Mother argues for shifting with him but father refuses citing city’s unhealthy environment- poisonous air, polluted water, social life on threat all the time. We live in woods in healthy environment. Daddy says city life gives more diseases than you earn. Mamma keeps staring at him till he turns around and waves goodbye. She fears fro his life. He suffers from lung cancer. Can we grow woods around?.


We walked past this terrain many times but never before waited to see sunset. We knew it’d be long wait, still we, throwing pebbles at tiny bush, waited for the moment. We knew what we had to say but waited for the other to say first, waiting numerous times. Tiny bush turned into a big tree, with the cold breeze I smelled him and saw his curly hair brushing his face as it did years ago. Suddenly I rose up and yelled “Oran-I love you” With next gush of breeze I realized-I should’ve said this long ago..

Thine blessing

What price could I have paid? I didn't have that much money. What could I have asked from my Lord in return of the money I could probably have paid, rather Lord does not come with a price tag. After alot of brooding I decided to steal you my Lord and take you home only to pay my devotion sitting in front of you. Taking a bow I pray for thine blessings to all, especially those giving shapes out of mud to earn their living. A plain devotion I could only pay..

Little abode

He drives across the city ferrying passengers to their destination. This is his destination, little abode in open. This is the place where he parks his rickshaw, his little abode outside the fence of upcoming high-rises for wealthies'. He feels his occupied space safe enough to take a nap in the day and sleep in the night, till the high-rise gets ready and residents move in and chase him away to park their luxury cars. Next time he wakes up with a realization that he would have to hunt for another site where he could park his little abode..


He called his brother & sister out and shut the door behind, then he quietly called his cousins out from the adjoining room and pulled the door close behind him. He positioned everyone against the wall quietly and asked the passerby to click the picture handing him over the camera while he swiftly fitted himself in the middle. Just before the click cheering cheezeez and.. its CLICK... and the moment is captured. Now it doesn't matter whether his father would scold him for fidgeting around with his new possession. Finally risk is worth capturing the memorable moment. .

Spin n Spin - Till the last breath

Bright colour attracting hundreds of eyes and the world seeing you through the tungsten beams marking your boundary, bringing you under the spot. your eyes can't see those eyes fixed on ... only the enthrall of loud applause penetrating through the ears making you spin harder fixing the movements more precisely, such is the addiction of performing live even when vision gets blur with the spin of head body learns to take control of itself..only for the enthrall of applause, what more could an artist have asked for, before getting engulfed into the darkness behind? .

Upside down

I still rejuvenate with mere thought or a brisk flashback when world looked beautiful. I would often imitate juicy mangoes hanging in the huge mango tree in the backyard swinging with them with the breeze. My hair would fall towards the ground when I hung myself upside down from the tree. Now I have turned almost bald, no strength in arms to swing anymore, still if I ever find myself upside down; comes a warning I better behave or else it would be too late. It's no more fun only reflects harsh inflicts of life. .