JoAnn's Stories

Sunshine and the Sea

Sandy toes and salt water curls, I stand staring into eternity. My mind wanders to the corners I never wanted to touch upon. The closed chapters of my life flash before my eyes. The unruly string of thoughts has come to visit its long-lost friend. We revive the unpleasant memories we made and all the tears we fought. I look down at my feet; I view the mark of the attack still etched on my body and in my mind. The message in the bottle is the only drop of sunshine I find. Faith, it says. .

The Lost Eden

Adam of Eden felt lonely and sad. The cow had the bull, king lion had his lioness and the elephant was in love with miss El. And he, with no better half or a girlfriend by his side was lost in his own world. On seeing his plight, Eve came along and together they lost the Garden of Eden. So this is how man is from the beginning of mankind. Look at me, all alone with my own thoughts, heartbroken and with a crow by my side. The sun inspires and the sea brings eternity..