Immortal's Stories


Panhal (MH), She said let's smoke and he managed to get a king... with the first exhalation she giggled at the smoke. Two years down the line she set his life on a blaze to warm her drenched desires without sensing even a trace of smoke... that's the paradox of life..

Hormonal Hijack

Remembering my childhood, I can recall this girl Varsha with whom I could do anything and everything, from dancing, and playing together to swimming and sleeping together.... Today in my 20s, I miss doing all that with her. Just understand that it was innocence coupled with love then, and emotion coupled with lust now... And, thus the title. .

Black and white

Why are these bad memories always black and white?? Is it because it cannot be recreated again?? Probably yes !! When a white cat Pampers a black fish only to hog eventually .. making it only a part of its memory says it all that it's little difficult to add colour to some of past happenings ...

Magical Realism

Sid is an Indian author who uses settings of magical realism, in his writing style. Writes about the model and tries to explain the quietness of her world was silence of memory and sorrow, for which he gets mixed reviews. and later announces his second book to be his last. .