huh_watnow's Stories


Seated on the brink of the realm, Perched on a string that stays lit, Melodic recitals of a novel hymn, Ventured out to dissimilar winds, Lonesome and apathetic to humanity, It’s a toil we all go through in absurdity, Just like life we hope to find, A love that will survive time, And yet we glimpse and aspire, Contemplating what’s mine and yours, A clandestine affair of life unresolved, Behold the earthly view, Inactive gazing at the firmament blue, Viewing the gloomy ground brewed, Looking for a sign of life anew, As the world goes driving by without clue. .

An Impression

As she gazed through her lens, She noticed straight lines turning to smiles, As she peered through her lens, She saw how it fetched a gleam in their eyes, As she watched through her lens, She saw the hues turn intense, As she viewed through her lens, She saw affections impassioned and transfixed, As she observed through her lens, She saw all the delightful shades of time, As she considered through her lens, She saw the world with a renewed standpoint, As she looked through her lens, She saw how just an image encapsulated life’s spirit divine. .

His Story!

A life lived so mundane, Moments subsisted in melancholy, In perseverance he still believed, The right to breathe boundless, There he exists relinquished, His story inexpressible, A dainty figurine he created, A twinkling caught his eye, Her indescribable beauty heaved a sigh, Face hidden, blistering with delicacy, Withering away in the heat, Finally he found his wish, A way to tell his art’s story, To be written in the stars, One day everyone will know, Who he really was? .