Gitanjalee Konwar's Stories

The First Rain of Summer

The drizzle outside was steadily increasing its pace. Leaning on the balcony, I saw the kids of my neighbourhood gaily dancing in the rain. And here I wondered, "Sigh! Those precious days of innocence." I heard my mom give out a slow whimper. Something didn't feel right. Closing the door, I stealthily headed inside. Those teary eyes stared at me with utter despair and helplessness. In her hand, she held my jeans that I had worn the previous day. As she looked down and emptied out the pockets, my entire body went numb..


"Om!" She shrieked out loud and Anwar looked around him with a sheepish smile to try and melt down the disapproving eyes passing by him. "Shush sweetie I cannot buy you that." Little did Heena know why her Dad was refusing to buy her a mere ornament with such zero compassion. She kept contemplating why was she being denied of a beautiful trinket as anyways it won't be seen under her burqa which she has been donning for quite some time now. It is just a locket, something to put in around your neck, isn't it? She kept wondering...

The Two Brothers

As she strolled inside, she became aware of the numerous glances she was getting from people around her. It did not even make her a tad conscious because she was getting it everywhere she went. Suddenly she saw these two cute little kids whose unimpeachable gaze melted her heart straight away. Something about the two immensely stirred her. Pulling up her camera, she said, "Will you smile for me?" and winked at them both before clicking. She tried showing the clicks to their mother standing nearby who just stared blankly with probing eyes like the rest of them..