Ganpatirai Purohit's Stories

The Blind Photographer

Ilda: They say that the photographer is blind. Sylvia: How is that possible? How can a blind man capture images? Ilda: Look at them, full of joy; every photo a frozen moment of laughter. Sylvia: I still don’t believe this. Every frame is unique with a consistent theme of happiness. Meant to erase the sadness off people’s face and put a smile on it. Ilda: Makes sense. You don’t need eyes to feel happiness. You need a heart. You can’t see happiness. You can feel it. Sylvia: Never heard of anything else like that. Ilda: Ever heard of God? .

The Forbidden Touch

Cuckoo1: “There is nothing human about a human touch”. Discarded: “I was helpless. I was thirsty and he lured me with water. Fed me and then stroked my head as if I was a pet”. Cuckoo2: “You know the rule. Touched by humans, abandoned by us. Stay away.” Discarded: “But, I am safe.” Cuckoo3: “No, you aren’t. You are contaminated with humanity. We are not pigeons or doves. We are cuckoos.” Cuckoo2 whispers to Cuckoo3: “These liberals I tell you. Now the humans would want to cage us as pets. No wonder it is called ‘The forbidden touch’”. .

The Lost Credit

He had a whiff of betrayal the day there was theft in his studio. Then one of his friends told him that there were photos with his signature style written all over them at an exhibition. He had a lot of faith in humanity and would not believe it till he saw it with his own eyes. He entered the exhibition hall, scanned every wall and his heart sank. Those were his photos. Each one of them with the signature of his protégé at the bottom. With the lost credit, he lost his faith in humanity. .

Abled Different

Hung upside down, they were talk of the town, Four were somber, but one of them was a clown. Oh man, this will be a lot of pain, not again, The stupid one has left us to dry in the rain. The somber ones cried only to get wetter, They thought it would make them feel better The clown though meanwhile could only smile, The others thought he had intentions wile. They asked why so bright and why so radiant, Replied, I can't help it, I am abled different. .

A bunch of Cows & A Raging Bull

Hah!! “Just a bunch of cows,” thought the theme photographer. “Here in the middle of the desert where the only indicators of modern life are a highway and a few power towers, these cows are another indicator of humanity.” “You see cows only where there are humans. For some humans, they are important part of economy and religion. For some they are food. Cows are just the right subject to show human dominance even in this desert.” He smiled to himself and clicked. Just then he saw a raging bull, collecting more rage, bulls-eyeing on him to dart at him. .

Modern Man’s Might

Two mighty modern men walked along the stretch of the stony path discussing their plan. Money-feeder Bill-there: We are not afraid of anyone. Sanction the skyscraper here. Money-eater Bhuro-crap: We will alter the course of rivers and strip the forests naked. The lightning cracked a whip and Bhuro-crap pulled out the umbrella. Thunder rolled its drum and hearts of the men shook. A small tree leaned forward, whispered, “Gotcha”. Spooked, as the umbrella slipped off the hand, both ran with all their might. Trees and the umbrella laughed their hearts out. The mighty men might not meet us again. .

I be gone

Now what!! Yesterday it was Naseem bhai asking for money. Today Sajjan Pandit has turned up. Looks like there is no respite from these guys. I am not sure if Anthony has forgotten the dues and Navroze uncle has a very painful way of reminding me. Kartaar bhai has extended the tenure for returning the money by 3 months. Not sure how that will help. This colony is a great example of religious harmony. Goons of all religions co-exist and run a debt racket. I am in debt of all religions. Till some new religion arrives, I be gone. .

Anti-Gravity!!! Huh!

The sky is below me and I am literally dipping my feet in it. The fish are flying and an ocean is upside down on my head. I can’t figure out what ends where and the green patches are just not helping me understand the orientation. Gravity has been a useful companion till date and I had heard of anti-gravity. So this must be it. I can’t figure out if I am flying, standing or swimming. Some of these humans, the scientists to be precise, know their stuff. Oh wait!!! I had the Stork Shiraz last night. Anti-gravity!!! Huh! .