Dr. Sheetal Nair's Stories


"So what if we have entered this place?" she asked "Weren't we forbidden to pass through?" he asked "You think we shall be punished?" she asked a bit tense "Our love made us enter this place, for this we both shall be punished." "You are his favourite & shall be pardoned" she sighed . The clouds broke through with a thundering sound as the voice boomed "Azazel you've sinned & tricked Michael to earth, thou be damned to hell." She shuddered and looked at Micheal as he turned his back on her. After all Michael was Gods favorite Angel..

Lux of the Dark

The Fort was glowing with all the lights reflecting away on the walls & its parapet. You are the instrument of your own illumination. But sans people it was not creating the effect it should have ,where did the souls vanish? It was dark even though light had permeated everywhere.The inner light actually comes from the soul. There was no value to the art , because real art is in illumination & without people it was pitch dark. It was another day in circa 2500 AD. when the fort was glowing in the lux of the dark..

....Of Bactrian Gods

Blue sky reminds me of my affinity towards the blue. In my place all we can see are the blue sky and earth. Once again, I guide my customers from Kunnampara point to the secluded beach. He has marked them. I see him signal his friends behind the trees. He feeds them drugged peanuts and his friends take them away. He makes money out of this. Am I guilty? Yes. I do it for the soft hay he feeds me. I do it for him. I believe my bactrian God shall forgive me on the grounds of loyalty. .

The Yellow Ride

Happy at getting the antique VW collection from Hot Wheels, I was jumping around the living room when Akka told me to accompany her to the jackfruit orchard. She had come from the US yesterday to the obvious joy of my parents. I knew about our games in the orchard, She used to make me play before going to the US too. This time I relented only because she gave me a gift. So I accompanied her to darkness of the orchard, waiting for the game to get over so that I could show Ashok my new yellow ride..

Kurup's Conjecture

Kurup's family trade was that of astrology. In order to fulfil his dream of going to Gulf, like every second 'Mallu' he took up the job of handling his family's rubber estate. Usually he made a quick buck but what with Malaysian rubber invasion in the market, rates of rubber sheets in Kerala went down. Today he read in Manorama that Indian forces were using rubber pellets in Kashmir. As he stood near the bridge waiting for the bus all he could think was, "Since the army is using rubber now, will the prices of rubber go up?".