Dhanya Pillai's Stories


"It's awesome outside. The rain is mesmerising! Let's go for a ride." "You're kidding, right? I will fall sick!" "But it's romantic.." So she took him out for a ride, because she loved him. And love makes us do crazy things... like wearing a helmet and driving in the rain... in the middle of the night!.


From a distance I saw the two of them sharing a bond that I so badly wanted to have. Then my eyes were drawn to the third person - a painful yet serene pair of eyes. He had sacrificed his love for her happiness. Suddenly I didn't yearn for that bond. Because I knew I wasn't that noble. And so I turned away with content knowing I have to love myself before yearning for a relationship where I could love another one. - the bird at the far right..


And so he walked home one day, carrying his stuff in a shopping bag, feeling tired and exhausted. The sun was not kind at all nor was the water content in the air. He was sweating and stinking. But he was determined. After all, he had bet that he could walk the mile in another's shoes! Literally..