Chandni's Stories

A Real Dream

She was inexorably drawn to the deep and hauntingly beautiful dark forest. But the silence hanging over it was eerie. Impulsively she uttered aloud a word, just to break this suffocating silence. Suddenly the forest came alive. Flocks of birds flew out, baring the scantily clad trees. The Sun bathed them in it's glory. She knew what did the magic. Once again she uttered the magical word aloud to the forest. She was being shaken awake. "He's gone, face it", a stern voice cut into her dreams. But she knew better. She smiled!.


Across time he stands, A gnarled torso, With many a twisted protruding limb, A tree, a friend to the sky, bright and dim. His sight fixed on the canopy, blue, Turned away from the sands, Trembling leaves, his desires shoot through, His Soul, entrenched in earth's heart, From its bosom it drinks, its fill, To quench an eternal thirst, His eyes,to the rain-soaked earth return, His thoughts swirl and churn,- His roots,his anchor, the soil, his harbour, His longings, though, on the clouds rest, But his love, is his mired nest, And Nature, his love's labour! .


The leering faces of the owners of the not-too-distant footsteps galvanized her to run even faster and eventually escaping them. She couldn't thank her legs enough for carrying her through. Her legs, the reason for her disqualification from the school racing team. Apparently, they were too weak and spindly. She needed them to be strong. After all they were hers. She made them run everyday, across the school field, away from all eyes. Now, she knows that,life had been watching her, waiting for the right time to reward her with the opportunity of walking tall!.


The winter's path is long and hoary, The grey skies tell a gloomy story, Come, sit with me at the forest's edge, To watch the day hide behind the hedge And how, in the moons frozen silver light, Cold stars cling on to the ghostly night. Can you hear the wind-borne distant wailing? That's time, mourning that winter evening, When we 'd promised to be one beating heart; But now, death keeps us apart. But I'll be here when you return, Till then my winters, in my love, will burn..


She could feel her days turning dark.Her dreams took flight,but on worn out wings.She sat there all alone in her room listening to the echoing drops of trickling tears and whispered sighs. She knew she needed to free her frost bitten soul.She picked up her sadness and went out for a stroll,through the corn field in the vicinity.Her fingers caressed the sun kissed sheaf? They tickled her smiles. She felt her grief melting and the birds on her tatooed arm, stirring.At last she was!.


They were tea addicts and a common sight at Azam's tea-stall.Since their old age home couldn't afford to supply them with tea more than once a day,,Azam served them tea in the mornings and evenings.They were non paying customers but they had what it takes to attract paying customers.Over their steaming cups of tea,they regaled them with their life's experiences.Their presence turned the tea stall into an ideal place for the tea enthusiasts. Azam infused life in them and they made it a very satisfying experience for Azam,in more ways than one..