chandana roy's Stories


She was married off at the tender age of 12. A slip of a girl,with a very vague idea of marriage, travelled to a strange place, with a stranger. Soon life taught her what being married really meant,She knew what she must do..She was resolved. She took a last look at her infant daughter, in the arms of her foster mother and dry eyed walked out of the orphanage. She couldn't thank Doctor Didi enough for telling her in-laws that it was a still born child. She stepped out. Breathed deep. The Sun was just rising. She walked on..


He stepped out of the car to be greeted by a spray of colours. Rage stilled him on his tracks. He looked down at his pristine white shirt smeared in myriad colours, He looked up, ready to lash out at the noisy crowd celebrating Holi. But his words froze. A pair of twinkling eyes looked straight into his from beneath layers of colours. They were defiant, daring him to take her on . Little did she know, how, in an instant, she had painted a barren canvas with all the colours of rainbow! .