Bishnupriya Purkayastha's Stories

Unconditional Love

Bhola is the new friend of Gouri. She finds happiness while running behind him to hills, sometimes wandering at the bank of the stream in the jungle or under the shades of the tree gazing at sunset behind the dark green hill. Once when she lost her way to home in the hills, the young calf made her understand what friendship is all about by saving her life. This unconditional love is beyond the definition of words, the animal’s love can’t be questioned, it can only be adored and felt from the core of the heart. .

The Tea-stall

The night dozes off behind sunrise, but drowsiness is not letting Raj to drive fast; a long night he passed driving the roads. He parks his car near a tea-stall. A little innocent face with deceptive eyes comes forward and serves him a glass of tea. Raj smiles and asks the boy, “What’s your name?” “Chotu,” he replies. “So, Chotu don’t you go to school?” “No.” “And why so?” “If I won’t work, then what I will eat. Last time, my father beat me and told that he won’t let me enter into the house if I don’t go to work.” .

Being a mother

For a woman, motherhood brings the feeling of being complete. I never met another woman like my mother, she was a super woman. She was not a friend, but never disappointed me when I wanted an advice or rest my head upon her shoulders. I remember those late night study sessions when mum used to stay awake with me. The milk glass turned into coffee cup with time, she always did it silently. The sacrifices, she did then now I realize after becoming a mother. I can see myself in my daughter and my mother in me. .

A Killing Thirst

Raj starts his running ritual, the upcoming 10K marathon is not a joke. A rainless April, the heat wave is hitting the city hard. But he is adamant. “Run Run” playing repeatedly in his mind. The air is burning, there is no sign of rain. His avaricious soul hunts for water after a long, tiring and exhausting run, but the water bottle is empty. His eyes spot a Dhaba near, he takes the green water bottle from the bench and quenches his thirsty swallow. He notices the newspaper beside, the headline reads, “Another Death: The Drought is Killing Life.” .

He quit, he quit smoking

Rick was 15 when he first tasted nicotine. It was a burning sensation down to his throat, soon after that he learned the right way to enjoy it. Then smoking was a cool thing, now when he is 50 and married, the cool thing became a habit, companionship for years through phases of life. But after a massive heart attack when Rick opened eyes, he knew what his family went through. He thought he will die, but this was a lesson. It was his time to choose the family over a companionship which caused damage to his health. .

A Friendly Reminder

Two middle-aged friends standing on a shady street; one of them wanted to be an actress and spent all her youth chasing her dream. She was independent and free, but could never find a love while the other was a housewife, another victim of child marriage. Assaulted by the husband all of her life until she decided to move on. Two women, two stories of highs and lows, ups and downs with one story of friendship to cherish. When time lapses and youth is gone, a hand of friendship is all that we want. .

Dark Continent

Amit's faded face brightened up with light-wave. Amit landed up on this mysterious continent, about which the tales were enough to leave oneself with fear, from where no one ever returned. The rest is just dreadful history, adventure trip turned into a death trap for him, his friends are already dead. The continent is enveloped in profound darkness with man-eater plants, giant butterflies and monstrous animals. But, Amit survived to this bloody adventure, now here is the blazing forth. With tearful eyes he asks, "Lord, is this light a mirage, jeering this small human?" .

The College Canteen

Stillness in the canteen, it was the dull hour of the day. "Don't you forget to stay in contact," Namita shoved Bipin's back. Bipin puffed the last smoke from the cigarette and kept it beside the tea cup, then replied, "No signora! The adolescence is way more fascinating than the rest, you just got drown in those deep ocean eyes while your heart is insecure about the destination." "It's not always about the destination, sometimes the journey means much more," Namita stopped and gazed outside towards the setting sun. There was an awkward silence followed between them. .

To the Sea

Her eyes are lost in the endless sky until the tides touch her feet to let her free. It’s been 3 years now Aruna shifted to Mumbai, the city of dreams which is more of a jungle made of concrete with less humane feeling. She knew there was no returning from this. Calculation and Miscalculation of relationships, she encountered it all. People changed, but what did not change is this Arabian Sea. The soft sand under her feet, the melody of wind’s soar, crashing of waves on the shore, billow and backwashes, she raises her arms and flies..